The Fabulous Taylor Berke is in the Spotlight

We want to welcome the super fab, always an absolute sweetheart, Taylor Berke to our Spotlight!  She is an amazing author, and we are huge fans.  Taylor, tell the world a little about yourself.  You are welcome to run wild my dear, and include or exclude any information you want to.

Lets start off with somethin’ somethin’ about you darlin’.

My career as a writer was one that was born out of my tendency to daydream.  Since I was a child, I used to have incredible dreams that were similar to the detail found in the old MGM movies.  Now as an adult, those dreams have morphed into loving erotic stories that I would swear lower my anxiety level when things get to be too tumultuous.   During the day, I have a full time job fraught with too much responsibility.  Compound that with my beautiful family, managing the business, large dogs and an unruly home.  You easily can see why I like to drift off into the creative recesses of my mind.  It is there that men, who act like men, run rampant and usually in very little clothing!  My imagination provides me and hopefully some wonderful readers love, smiles, stress relief and happily ever afters.  I was blessed with the amazing gift of my husband, who is the foundation of most of my hunky heroes in the stories that I dream up.  If, as the reader, you are searching for suspense, drama or tension between the hero and heroine, please turn on the TV or read the paper.  My stories are filled with love, physicality and passion.  Mix in some humor and a happily ever after and you have my recipe of a heavenly retreat from the everyday stress.  I hope you enjoy the stories and feel free to contact me on my facebook page or website,  I love to hear from fellow readers and wish love and happiness to you all!

Awesome.  Ok, lets get a little more out of you….

Q:  What gave you the inspiration to start writing?

A:  I think that it is a combination of two things.  I love having new goals, new ambitions in life and then there are the crazy movies that seem to run through my head when listening to music or staring out the window of the car while my husband is driving.  I have always been a bit more ‘naughty’ in my thoughts than most other people.  Writing has given me a wonderful canvas for making my decadent imagination to come to life.

Q:  How do you come up with your character ideas?

A:  Oh my, going to get in some trouble for this one.  It is in my everyday life, especially work and all the people that I have to see.  They have so many unique characteristics that they themselves may not even be aware of how interesting and special that they are.  I doll them up with a bit more sensuality than they may or may not be hiding and voila!  Then there is dressing Mr. Berke up in different outfits to see what sparks ideas in my head.  Okay, I lied.  My husband refuses to hold a bagpipe for me.  However, I have managed to get that man in chaps and a cowboy hat.  That was a quality writing day for me!

Q:  What type of writing do you enjoy creating most?

A:  That would have to be hands down, naughty erotica with a frosting of humor on top.  The more sexuality in the book the better.  The truth is that I have no interest in a book if there is no sex, not the sweet romantic kind, in it lol!

Q:  Are there any similarities between the female characters and you?

A:  Definitely!  Especially in the first book in the Stony Creek Cowboy series.  My favorite green drinks, the dogs and lots of other little nuances that if you knew me you would laugh recognizing the particulars!  I do try to leave my personal boring bits out though and just put in the good stuff.

Q:  Will you be attempting to write other genres different from the cowboy erotica?

A:  I am definitely going to attempt it, that’s for sure!  I want to first do quite a bit of the Stony Creek Cowboy Series.  After that I was thinking about trying to wrap my head around a wonderfully naughty erotic story about a Highland Laird.  I have always had a ‘thing’ for men in a kilt.  My husband and I are in negotiations for him to wear one sometime this year.  I think we may need a mediator.

Q:  What do you appreciate most now that you are writing?

A:  Easy one.  It is that they have editors, thankfully.  I will honestly admit that grammar was not my talent in high school and I really don’t think that much has improved since.  They are just amazing and very patient.  I was also watching as the very first person pre-ordered my first book.  I couldn’t believe that anyone would want to read it.  Since then, I have to say that I have so pleasantly shocked by the overwhelmingly positive response by a crazy army of readers who seem to love Stony Creek, Wyoming.  I may just have to lead a tour there!

Yay!  Okay, so give us an inside look at your work my dear!

Let’s start with the first of your hot new series!

taylor berke pic

Dr. Billie Rothman, a beautiful, widowed MD, leaves all that she knows behind, attempting to follow her dreams to Stony Creek, Wyoming. She is yearning for the passionate life she wanted to live after a safe marriage to her best friend. Jackson Powell, a huge, handsome cowboy, literally saves her life soon after she arrives in town. After being married to a selfish and superficial woman, he decides that women are simply for his pleasure and to ranch alongside him and his family, never expecting the bundle of sensual energy that punches him in the gut after meeting his new neighbor. While getting to know each other, both these wounded souls cannot ignore the instant attraction or the pulling of their hearts, but in the background lurk several individuals who yearn to teach them both lessons in pain and revenge. Unfortunately Jackson’s ex-wife and a jealous acquaintance from his past try to hurt both of them physically and psychologically.



Jackson had just pulled up to the curb by Braxtons’s Feed store. His father had sent him into town on an “emergency” run for his mother. Apparently, she suddenly had to have an extra bag of high-protein grain for her flock of chickens that couldn’t wait until her husband Bill had a moment off. Coincidentally, it just happened to be right across the street from their sexy new neighbor’s office. He wondered if his mother was up to no good.

Sam and Phillip had done a really good job with the old building. An example of post-modern architecture, it had nice stonework decorating the front and roofline. Just as he was admiring the built-in flower boxes in front, he noticed an unwelcome visitor go through the front door. Jackson had never like Len Drexel. He treated his horses and women the same way, badly. Without thought, Jackson jumped out of his big black dually and walked across the street to follow Len in. He stood in the doorway listening with unabashed interest, quickly moving to controlled anger that Len was showing interest in his woman. His woman? Where did that shit come from? Why the heck was that thought becoming more and more appealing to him? He must need to get himself some. However, he decided to figure it out later and deal with the situation at hand, because one look at Billie told him that she was upset. He was going to kill someone. That someone had been Len. Instead, he had invited her out to lunch.

“I must say that I have never been so happy to be ignored in my entire life,” Julia said with a smile. “Jackson, you are a naughty boy. Come over here and give me a kiss.” Jackson dutifully walked across the room and graced her cheek with a peck.

“I will be right back. Just need to use the restroom and we can take Jackson up on his lovely offer of lunch, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am,” replied the man smiling openly at Billie.

As soon as Julia left, Billie leaned back against the beautifully painted wall that Phillip and Sam had made, taking in the very tall and masculine man in front of her. He practically emanated sexual energy and power. How could she go from fear to lust in ten seconds? Looking at the handsome man before her, well, it obviously was possible. Her mouth suddenly feeling dry, she struggled for something to say.

“It seems that you are going to be forever saving me from situations. I haven’t felt this well protected in, well, forever. A girl could get used to this, Jackson.” She practically glowed at him.

“Just call me your masterful hero and we can call it a day!” he said suggestively.

“Funny, cowboy. No, really, thank you. I didn’t care for him. He made me so nervous. I am not exactly a wimpy girl, but there was something in the way he looked at me that didn’t feel so great.”

Jackson looked at her sideways and decided to play a bit. “I hope you don’t feel that way when I look at you,” he said with a laugh.

“Heavens no! Not even speaking the same language, I feel so different.”

Jackson turned his suddenly heated stare to capture her eyes. He walked over to her, and in a husky voice, he asked, “How do I make you feel, then, if not afraid, Billie?”

He leaned toward her and ran a finger along the side of her neck. The gentle rubbing of his roughened skin sent an entirely different sort of shivers down her body. His gorgeous green eyes felt like they were caressing her soul, practically melting her to the floor where she stood.

Billie tried to concentrate on answering him, but it proved difficult. How could this man affect as no other man ever did? He had such a sense of confidence and control about him. She couldn’t even play coy.

She answered him obediently. “Excited, very excited,” she whispered back.

Jackson’s right eyebrow just lifted slightly as he let his gaze roam over her body, as though erasing the previous man’s possession and marking her with his own. This gaze was one that she didn’t mind, actually felt she was starting to crave. He made her feel safe with this look of blatant ownership. It wasn’t a feeling she was used to, but definitely getting to really like.

“Really. Now that’s very interesting, baby.” Baby? He called her baby? She had to confess to herself that she liked the sound of that. Getting personal must be a good thing. All thoughts of setting up the office, Julia, Len, and lunch simply faded away while she soaked up his endearment. How long had she just wanted a man to be affectionate like that? Just to want her, quirks and all. Forever, if she was to be truthful. She was under no misconception that Jackson was falling for her but she closed her eyes to indulge in the temporary fantasy of it all.




“Jackson? Where are you? I know it is going to ruin your image of me being a tough city girl and all, but I am actually afraid of the dark.”

She let out a squeal as strong muscular arms gently wrapped around her from behind. She certainly hadn’t been freezing yet but was definitely getting cold. Now all she could do was sigh with the double pleasure that his arms afforded her. They were providing both warmth and stoking the fires of her simmering arousal. In this position she could feel his entire body dwarf her with his great height as he was plastered against her back. She leaned her head back to rest against his chest, trusting him enough to again close her eyes. She felt like he was burning into her and she didn’t mind the flames one bit. His hands shifted and began a gentle inspection of her waist and hips. His hot fingers applied massaging pressure as she suspected he was inspecting her body. She moaned her approval while allowing her hands to slightly reach back of their own accord and rest on his rock-hard thighs. She felt her feminine parts flood with moisture as his hands lightly but confidently started to run down the front of hers as well. As his gentle exploration continued, she heard the change in his breathing. Hot rushes of air caressed her throat. He was leaning down, allowing his fingers to massage the lean muscle of her thighs while he ran his lips over the shell of her ear. She allowed herself to mimic his movements by running her hands over the raw power of his legs. It was all muscle and hardness beneath her questing fingertips, so much so she felt faint. She didn’t have any experience with men built like Jackson was. Matthew has been her study partner, not this specimen of raw masculinity.

At the feel of his lips touching the pulse behind her left ear, she began to quiver. More moisture pooled at her core as she was sure her legs would give way. Her mouth was slightly parted as she began to pant while Jackson eased his hands upward over the silky shirt. He paused his hand’s exploration for a moment to lave the base of her neck and bite.

“Jackson, what you do to me,” she said wondrously as she continued to try to control her gasps of pleasure as he found her sensitive spots.

“Does it feel good to you, baby? Do you want me to continue? You don’t have to answer, just nod your head yes.”

Billie felt her head bob with permission as though it had a mind of its own. Her hands continued to rub his muscled thighs, gripping at the jean material every time he nipped and touched. Just then his hands began their quest anew. They slid up and down the sides of her waist reverently as if they had never touched silk over curves before. Suddenly her position was shifted slightly to the side as his left hand grasped her chin. His thumb caressed briefly over her full bottom lip before his own took possession of hers. This kiss was different than the one before. His tongue immediately thrust into her warmth as his hips started to mimic the rolling movements of their hips. She could feel his hard cock pressing and sliding against the space between her cheeks, fueling the fire in her body. She was actually momentarily distracted by the thought that she might have a moistened spot on her skirt from the cream running from her. As he feasted on her mouth, she could feel his hand firmly start to stroke the underside of her breast. Arousal as she had never encountered roared through her body. For his part, Jackson felt like he was being gifted for his good deeds in this life. She felt like an angel. A sex angel sent here to tempt him into never leaving the world of sin if it meant she was in it. His cock was painfully erect in its position, rubbing the back of her succulently firm ass.

He continued to plunder her lips, twining his tongue with hers, over and over again. However, it was the feel of her body under his searching hands that put his blood to near boiling. Roughly now, he cupped her breast while moving his mouth to nip at her neck. She is perfection, he thought while stroking the lush globe in the palm of his hand, plucking at her nipple. He tried to be gentle but finally having her at his mercy to tease and explore left him unable to do more than knead her mercilessly while groaning his arousal. He had backed them up against the door to the nearest stall just as his hand delved under the opening in her blouse. He felt the lace of her bra as he momentarily gentled his touch to lightly stroke her nipples with his fingertips. She was perfection. He could hear her ragged breaths and scent her arousal in the air. He had to have her. Now. His hand plunged beneath the scrap of material covering her breast and felt the shock of burning pleasure from his groin to his legs. He was sure his boxer briefs were wet with his pre-cum, and he threaded his fingers in her hair while pulling her head back to expose the other side of her neck.

Billie felt his teeth against the base of the other side of her neck but couldn’t protest as the air rushed from her lungs. Please, dear lord, let him fuck me now. She felt his hand that was roughly squeezing her breast as it alternated not only from side to side but from softness to rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefingers. She felt him move his other hand to the edge of her skirt. She felt him suddenly freeze, just as the hem of her skirt was slid upward so she could feel the cool air hit her wet slit. Voices outside indicated the approach of more than one man.

He felt her stiffen in probable fear and quickly tucked her into his arms while lifting her up. As though she weighed not a feather, he silently walked down past the last stall of horses and into the tack room. He fumbled for the doorknob that led to the outside and privacy the darkness afforded. He could see the tears form in her eyes as the moonlight emphasized her probable embarrassment at being caught.

“It’s okay, baby,” he whispered while gently kissing her forehead. “I have got you and won’t let anything hurt you. Just trust me, Billie.”

What is your new release that we can expect to see flying off of the virtual shelves soon?

taylor berke

The feisty, fiercely independent Lizzie Carmichael never had any men that she could rely on.  As the sole owner of The Stony Creek Café, she finds herself in a desperate situation where she stands to lose either her honor or everything that she has ever worked for.

Known as the tough, quiet brother, Benjamin Powell adores women but strives to keep them at arm’s length, never risking his heart.  When he finds that the only woman who ever inspired him to dream is in trouble, he makes a choice that could change both their lives, forever.

Lurking in the shadows of Stony Creek, there is a dangerous menace that will stop at nothing to get what it wants, no matter what the costs.

As Ben and Lizzie start to explore the secret delights that they finally find in each other, can Ben protect Lizzie from the threats that try to tear them apart?

Adult Excerpt

“And so it begins darlin’.  From now on baby, you are mine.  Mine to pleasure, mine to care for and definitely mine to punish.  Starting now.”

Ben barely gave Lizzie any time to process his declaration before his hand snaked out and threaded through her wet hair to pull her face to his.  He used his other hand to pull her body towards his with a yank on the rope that held her.  He shifted until he their increasing breaths mingled as he probably shocked her by gentling his intent and softly stroked her cheeks with his thumbs, causing her body to quake as she couldn’t physically hide her response to his tender touches.  The look of surprise on her face made him smile as he leaned in to run his hot lips over the skin that his thumbs had stroked, savoring her wet flesh.  She was probably expecting the punishment part first.  Silly girl, he liked that he was going to have to keep her on her toes in this relationship. 

He heard her moan softly as he shifted his mouth to lightly rim her ear, allowing her to feel his hot tantalizing breath as her scent consumed his senses.  She tasted of sweetened vanilla bizarrely enough, earning a moan of his own, it was his favorite.  She became restless as he positioned his tongue and lips to run down the column of her neck and that soft spot where it met the shoulder.  He pulled her head to the side with a bit more aggression as he dropped his other hand to trace the wet path his hungry mouth left for it to follow.  His fingers almost reverently slid down her heated neck as he listened to her ragged breathing proclaiming without words of her increasing arousal.  Her skin was the softest silk as he began to memorize its feel and texture. 

“Ben, please.  Release my hands.”  Lizzie panted out.  “I want to touch you, I need to touch you.”

Ben didn’t even lift his head as he held hers in his tight commanding grip.  His wicked tongue was forging a trail that was going to end when it made its way to her breast.

“No.”  It was all that Ben offered as a response.

Lizzie began to struggle against her bonds in earnest when he reached the upper swell of her right breast.  His ran his tongue in a swirling pattern, toying with her already overwrought emotions. 

Without any warning, Ben tugged her across his body so that she lay like a baby in his arms, bound and trussed with her chest only covered by the damp thin white satin and lace of her demi bra, or what was left of it.  He allowed his eyes to brand her as he ran them from the exquisitely delicate features of her face, over the smooth column of her neck, down to her abundant mounds that were bouncing with his sudden movements.  He took in the flat planes of her smooth stomach and the outline of her soft mound, down to her strong, firm legs and then back to her pulsating core again.  He used his hand, the one not still threaded in her hair holding her to his whim, to lightly trace the obvious outer lips that were practically begging him to slip his fingers into their depths.

“Baby, I can’t resist you any longer.  I need to hear you come for me.  I just need it Lizzie.”  Ben’s voice sounded harsh even to his own ears as he vocalized what was necessary to bring him back to sanity.  He needed this one control over her as his body began to release the fear and alien sense of helplessness that had tortured him while he had been trying to save her.

Deftly he plucked the snap of her capris free and pulled the zipper down slowly, allowing his fingers to tease the pale soft flesh underneath.  He watched as though enthralled by Lizzie’s own response as she was held captivated by his hand as it descended under the white satin of her thong.  Ripples of arousal caused her body to tremble in his lap, causing her rear to rub so enticingly against his rock hard cock again.  His two fingers found her clit and rubbed gently in a circular pattern forcing her to arch her back at the obvious pleasure that he was giving her.  He slid them further eliciting a small gasp as they slid effortlessly through her juices as they found her unbearably wet and ready for whatever ‘punishment’ he would administer.  Moans filled the cab as he ran them back and forth through her slick arousal before sliding them up and into her hot, tight channel which clenched in obvious approval.  Lizzie let out a frustrated sigh which then turned into a groan as she watched him suck those very fingers into his mouth.  The look of satisfaction on his face was more than sufficient enough to convey his pleasure at her taste. 

“Baby, you taste like heaven.  You were made for pleasure and I am going to see to it that you are used in that manner to the very best of my abilities.”  Ben allowed a grin that was both arrogant and decadent to follow in the wake of his declaration.  He felt tense from his restraint as his need to get inside of her was about to override his ability to take her gently.

Story Excerpt


 “You are certainly in all a flutter this afternoon, Ms. Carmichael.”  Maddy drawled out in good humor to her friend.  Billie’s appetite had returned today, with enthusiasm, if the sheer number or plates in front of her were any indication.  Lizzie and Mimi had set out plates of sausages, pancakes, fresh fruit and oatmeal for the ravenous new mommy. 

“Careful Maddy or Billie might bite off your fingers if they get any syrup on them!”  Mimi laughed out in warning.

“Hey!”  Billie mumbled with her mouth full.

“Let her eat whatever she wants.  She is going to bring us a beautiful, sweet little baby soon!”  Lizzie cooed at Billie’s completely flat stomach.

“Oh yeah.  Um, Vera!  You win the bet.”  Mimi called to the kitchen.

Vera strolled out into the dining room and looked Lizzie up and down with a knowing smirk on her face.

“What bet?  What is so funny you two?”  Lizzie asked now wary of her two dear friends.

“Well, you were late this morning and now you are practically giving a stellar performance of the Swan Lake ballet, so I bet Mimi that you got more than a roof raising last night.  In fact, I would go out on a limb and say that hitch in your walk has nothing to do with the twisted ankle story you made up at all.  Whatcha ladies think?  Am I right?”  Vera crowed out to the ladies eating.

Lizzie was turning something like fifty shades of red now at Vera’s declaration that had those new men smiling indulgently.  She was going to secretly plot out how to shove a cork in her mouth and up her butt.

“Amen sister.”  Beth called from the doorway as she came in with all three of her brothers, Gabe, Preston and Joe.

Lizzie swung around to the traitor, “Beth!”

“What?  When she is right, she is right.  I’ll have a cheese omelet please.”  Beth laughed out, trying to ignore Lizzie’s indignation.

Gabe and Preston sauntered over to Lizzie, each draping a meaty arm over her shoulders in comfort.  Gabe leaned down and whispered in her ear, “We believe you Lizzie baby.  Let us comfort you from that big bad old Vera.”  Preston just looked at her with a very naughty grin reinforcing his brother’s opinion. 

Now that Ben had her, the Preston’s were expressing interest?  What was it with Ben anyway?  Was he an aphrodisiac to both the male and female populace?  Sheesh!  Even though these two men and their brother Joe were delicious specimens of male flesh, there was only one man who made her melt.  Unfortunately, he chose that very moment to come through her doors.

Ben was scaring the customers who knew him with the huge smile on his face as he saw Lizzie.  The air in the room became heavy as everyone was afraid that he had lost his mind because he was never known to smile.  The world began to make sense again when he suddenly looked deadly calm and mad.  Really mad. 

“She is not your baby and both of you Orangutans had better get your hands off my woman in two seconds or they will be sent to the organ donation program.”  Ben said in a loud and menacing manner. 

Both the Saunders brothers started to laugh heartedly as they removed their arms from Lizzie but not before Joe snuck in and planted a sweet kiss on Lizzie’s unsuspecting cheek.

“That was because you are beautiful today Lizzie and I love to rile up the other wild animals.”  Joe proudly stated for all to hear.

“Save us a dance on Friday at the Gas Pump Lizzie!”  Preston yelled out before he sat down with his siblings.

Lizzie just stood there with Mimi and Vera, both looking very proud of themselves with their arms crossed and huge smiles over their faces.  Lizzie just raised an eyebrow at them and walked away to calm her poor, now peeved, big man.

“Hello honey.  Would you like some lunch?”  She said with a salacious gleam in her eyes as she pulled him down to give him kiss on the lips.

The look he gave her made her shiver with its promise that is wasn’t her food that he wanted.  Well, at least she knew for sure how to calm her savage beast. 

“So what is our restaurant serving as specials in here today?  I am feeling the beef personally!”  Ben clapped his hands together as though planning out his favorites.

Lizzie rolled her eyes in an obvious display of annoyance.

“The whole premise of the expression ‘silent partner’, Ben, is to actually be silent, you know.”  Lizzie tried to explain patiently.

Giving her a wicked grin, he allowed his gaze to run over her curves pausing on the hardening peaks poking through the soft material of her blouse. 

“That’s fine with me baby, you are the face of this operation.  I think of better things to do with my mouth anyway.”  Ben whispered huskily in her ear, allowing his lips to touch.

Lizzie felt shivers and returned his smile.  For once, she had to agree with him completely.

How can we find you?

Thank you so much for coming and sharing with us!  We will be watching out for your new book, and wish you nothing but the best sweetheart!

3 thoughts on “The Fabulous Taylor Berke is in the Spotlight

  1. erikareed says:

    I can’t wait to read the second book in Taylor’s series, Stony Creek Hero. I am dying to hear Ben and Lizzie story and will be all over Stony Creek Hero the day it is released. Taylor is an amazing writer and I assure you will not be disappointed with any of her books.

  2. Cherie Clark says:

    Woo hoo I love Taylor and I am looking Forward to Ben’s story. If I was in the states and you didnt kill me for seeing your Mr Berke in a Kilt I would be your moderator.

    Hugs hun and have a great day. xoxox

  3. Taylor Berke says:

    I wanted to say thank you so very much to Shae and Beverly for having me on their wonderful blog. I get shy sometimes and they both made it very easy for me to write answers to some interesting questions. Thank goodness this isn’t on Face Time lol! I look forward to writing more about cowboys, kilts and perhaps a bodyguard or two! Maybe all in the same novel. Would be crazy! Much love to everyone and thank you again!

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