Erika Reed is in our Spotlight!

We have the sweet and talented Erika Reed with us!  Thank you so much for coming Erika!  Tell us a little about yourself, writing, or anything you don’t mind sharing!!!

  • What do you do to help write your sex scenes?

When I write my sex scenes I think of the situation they are all in and visualize what I would what to do if I were in their shoes. I like to bring a little Dominance into the scenes and try to make my females submissive in some way.

  • Which attracts your personal attention more, the bad boy, dangerous, and dominating type, or the sweet, fun and loving type?

I am more attracted to the Dominant male. My male heroes are usually dominant, sweet, fun and loving all wrapped up in one. I like to read about the kind and considerate men day-to-day and yet when they are in the bedroom, anything goes kind of lovers.

  • What’s your favorite form of play in the bedroom?

My favorites form of play in the bedroom is when all the toys come out. I enjoy a little of everything. I found as I got older, I am now forty, that I enjoy the variety of sex toys, positions, and bondage. My husband and I laugh about when we first got together, I was a sort of prude. I was mortified by porn and wasn’t fond of toys. Now I can’t seem to get enough of any of those.

  • If you could take one person into your bed, who would it be?

I would love to bring sexy Vin Diesel into the bedroom. His voice alone makes me wet with excitement. The things I would have him say to me as he had me tied up and had his wicked way with me…

Yum on the Vin Diesel… I have to say he has been in our dreams a time or two!  Okay, so give us the inside scoop on your new release!
Blazing Inferno is the first book in my Men of Inferno series. I have been wanting to write this series for a long time.Inferno is the first series I have ever written. Blazing Inferno is about a menage town that  Kasey Mcintyre, her cousin, and her best friend are visiting the town of Inferno, California. They’re just there to watch Kasey’s dad’s  recognition ceremony at the local firehall, but there’s trouble kindling for the three of them and it’s going to stop them from enjoying their  visit.  Brothers Zach, Jake, and Cody Kelly feel their libidos ignite when  Kasey’s car almost collides with their fire engine. The three brothers  always knew they’d find the right woman to share, just as they always  knew that they’d be raising their future family here in Inferno, where  their chosen lifestyle would be accepted and respected. The Kelly boys  believe that Kasey is the woman for them, so when the situation heats up and burns out of control, they’ll stop at nothing to protect the woman  they have all come to love.


How can the readers find you?

Erikareedauthor@facebook (e-mail)

It sounds like you have created yet another ‘blazing’ read!  We look forward to its release, and to see what you will come out with next!  Thank you so much for joining us!

5 thoughts on “Erika Reed is in our Spotlight!

  1. Erika Reed says:

    I had a great time with your questions, Beverly and Shea. Thank you for having me in your spotlight today ladies. 🙂

  2. Taylor Berke says:

    Erika Reed is one of my favorite authors and I just adore her on a personal level. She really writes what she knows and throws herself into research for every book hehe. I know what a hardship it was on her to go to the fire station and takes notes for this book! I just finished reading Blazing Inferno, the first book of the series and can only say that I cannot wait until the next book comes out. I highly recommend this new release!

    • Erika Reed says:

      Thanks Taylor. This was definitely a fun experience writing this book. The research alone was HOT! 😉

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