K.R. Haynes is in the Spotlight!

Today we are happy to have the lovely K.R. Haynes with us today!  Here is a little about our dear friend.

K. R. Haynes currently resides in Tasmania, Australia.
She has turned her love of reading erotic romance novels into a passion for writing her own erotic suspense BDSM series. Her debut novel series In Her Eyes followed swiftly by His Dark Promise, an erotic novella, has fans around the world eager for her next creation.
When not writing and brainstorming new ideas for future books and sexy characters, K. R. Haynes enjoys cheering on her favorite AFL team, the Adelaide Crows, reading romantic fiction novels and catching up with friends and family for a good laugh, a hearty gossip session or relaxing by the fire with a glass of her favorite Tasmania white wine.

Give us the scoop on your books, so we know what to add to our TBR pile!

A little bit about the In Her Eyes series

The Light in Her Eyes is the first novel in the series In Her Eyes. The series is an Erotic Romance Contemporary BDSM novels base in Kingston, Tasmania Australia. The series has HOT ALHPA Males and sassy subs that will do almost anything they can to rile up their Dom’s patience. In the first novel, Officer Jon Randall is the bad boy of the Kingston Bomb Squad team and was currently serving another suspension patrolling the streets of Kingston when one night his life changes for the better when he pulls over a crazy ass woman driver. What he hadn’t expected was for the crazy driver to be the one woman who captured his heart over ten years ago when he was just a young man. There’s just one hitch in Officer Randall getting his happily ever after with her. His high school sweetheart, Chloe Watson doesn’t remember him. This doesn’t stop him. He will do absolutely anything he can to make her remember him and the love they once shared together. If that means she needs a good firm spanking to bring back those memories, then he is more than willing to hand one out to her. But when an unknown source threatens her life, Randall will do whatever it takes to ensure she remains safe and alive.

The second novel in the series is called The Fire in Her Eyes and is due for release in June 2013 and it is Mick and Mary J’s story and what a story it is. There are plenty of twists and turns and a few unexpected surprises jammed into this Hot and Sexy novel and if you loved reading about Mick and Mary J’s blossoming romance in The Light in Her Eyes then you’ll love the fiery spirit that shines through in this book!

Professional Reviews

4 STARS: “The plot is solid. The characters are well-developed. The sex is hot, hot, hot and not for the faint of heart. This is a book to read and re-read.” — Stephanie Rollins, Book Reviews R Us



She couldn’t believe he had the nerve to laugh at her fiery words. She glared at him in silence when recognition finally dawned on her on who was standing there laughing at her. Jon Randall. Chloe swore her cheeks must have turned the brightest shade of red ever. Damn the man and his impeccable timing.

He pointed to the empty seat across from hers and said to her, “What a pleasant surprise to see you here tonight, Chloe. May I join you?”

“If you must,” she muttered, lowering her eyes from his.

Hearing him chuckle at her as he slid into the seat across from her had Chloe cursing him under her breath.

His voice stroked over her overwrought nerves as he asked her, “So what brings you here to this fine establishment of ours tonight?”

Shrugging her shoulders, her fingers entwined around the stem of her wine glass. “Just had a need to get out of the house is all. What’s your reason?”

Randall just raised an eyebrow at her question while answering her. “Mine? Well I just finished my shift at the station and didn’t feel like heading home to a big ole empty house.”

She snorted at his answer while her eyes did a quick perusal of his gorgeous body. She had to admit he was looking mighty fine tonight. He took a good long swig of his beer while keeping his eyes on hers. Chloe knew the moment Randall picked up on her despondent demeanour when he frowned at her.

He placed his beer back down and stared across the table at her in silence. Chloe broke their eye connection and darted her gaze back over to the lovers dancing on the dance floor nearby them.

Before she could react, Randall slid out of the booth and pulled her to her feet and tugged her onto the dance floor with him. Of course he found the darkest and most intimate spot for them to dance in. He drew her up close to his taut frame. The scent of his cologne made her resistance to him weak at best. There was no possible way to resist him. He surrounded her completely with his presence. Before she could think about all the reasons why she shouldn’t, Chloe found herself melting against his body.

She needed this. She needed his strength, as hers was failing her big time tonight. Had he sensed it? Is that the reason why he wanted to dance with her, so he could offer up his strength and his comfort to her? If it was she appreciated his unspoken gesture. Chloe knew she was not herself tonight. Her birthdays always did this to her, always made her feel like she was celebrating a loss rather than celebrating her birth. It had been this way ever since she lost those missing six months of her memory back when she was sixteen years old.

She was beginning to wonder if she would ever find happiness in her birth again.

Neither she nor Randall said a word as they swayed their bodies together to their own rhythm of music. Gradually she wrapped her arms low around his waist and laid her head against his chest. He held her, just held her and moved them both to the rhythm of the music. Eventually, Randall rested his chin on top of her head while weaving a hand into the hair at her nape and held her closer to him. Closing her eyes briefly, Chloe took a moment to absorb his strength and the scent of him into her soul. If she had to describe this one moment to someone, she would tell them it was like being in heaven. That was what it felt like to her, being in his embrace as he guided her around the dance floor.

It felt so right being in his arms and dancing with him. Nothing else mattered to her. Nothing else existed outside his strong embrace. She felt safe here in his arms, and it was something she hadn’t felt in a long time. He made her feel protected and she needed his protection, especially with a sick bastard constantly leaving threatening messages to kill her.

The brush of his erection against the softness of her belly caused a soft moan to fall from her lips. And for the first time tonight, Chloe smiled. She actually smiled.


He knew what she was doing. He knew as soon as he spanked her already tender ass that her pussy would be begging to be touched. So her rubbing her thighs together, oh so innocently, was not going to go unnoticed by him. When Randall had left the lounge room, he had told his old friend to stay put, and not to come looking for him if he didn’t return in five minutes.

So here he was standing in the kitchen with his sassy little lover who was begging to be touched by him. He wasn’t about to deny her or himself the pleasure of a release.

“Stop what you’re doing right now, little girl.” Randall waited for Chloe to respond to his command. When she didn’t, he crowded in on her, forcing her back toward the kitchen bench. “I said stop, Chloe, and I mean now.”

Staring at her, Randall counted quietly to ten. When she stopped he raised his voice a little higher but not loud enough for Mick to hear in the next room. “Spread your legs, little girl, and do it now.”

Slowly Chloe spread her stance for him. She peeked up at him through lowered lashes. Randall could see the heat in her eyes. Oh yeah, she wanted him right here, right now. There was no doubt in his mind that pussy of hers would be aching and soaking wet for him. Just the way he liked it to be.

Crossing his arm over his chest, he stared at her and waited to hear his sub beg him to touch her. Randall knew he wouldn’t have to wait long before the words fell from her pouty, soft lips. Words he wanted to hear. “Please, Jon, please touch me, Sir. Please, I need you,” she pleaded to him.

Hearing her beg him to touch her was so damn sweet and sexy, Randall couldn’t refuse her. Reaching forward, he clamped his hands on the front of her sweatpants and dragged them down her legs to the floor. The fact that she wore no underwear underneath her sweatpants ramped up his own arousal. Chloe stepped out of them without a command needed from him. Running his fingertips up the outside of her bare legs to her waist, her breathing increased under his light touch. Slipping his hands between her thighs he ran his fingertips in a light caress up and down her inner thighs. His fingers stayed clear of her weeping pussy, much to Chloe’s utter disappointment if her whimpering was anything to go by.

“Tell me, precious, do you deserve to come after making such a sassy comment to me in front of company?”

“I–I’m sorry, Sir. I never meant to…oh god…embarrass you.” Her voice wavered slightly from his teasing fingers hovering near her dripping cunt.

Pinching her nipple hard with his forefinger and thumb through the shirt she had on, he growled at her. “That wasn’t answering my question, little girl.” Releasing her tight little bud from his unyielding grip, Randall travelled his fingertips back down her inner thighs as he repeated his question to her. “Do you deserve to come, Chloe?”

“No, Sir, I don’t deserve to come, not after embarrassing you so poorly.”

“Good answer, little girl.” Sliding a hand back up her thigh, Randall slipped a fingertip through the damp folds of her pussy. Gripping her hip with the other hand, he tugged her closer to him and leaned in. “Since you apologised so sweetly, little girl, I will reward you with permission to come on my fingers. After you’ve come, you’re going to get on your knees and suck my cock until I feed you my cum. Nod your head so I know you understand me.” Chloe eagerly nodded her head at him. Her whole body shook against his as it demanded for a release.

Spreading the damp folds of her pussy lips open with one hand, Randall slid two fingers from his other hand deep inside her tight, wet core. “Fuck, you’re so damn wet for me, Chloe.” He kissed her lips hard and plunged his tongue into her hot, moist cavern of a mouth. She moaned against him. When she lifted her fingers to lace them into his hair, he grabbed both of her wrists with one hand and held them down on the bench behind her. Pulling back slightly from his dominating kiss, he nibbled lightly on her bottom lip. “You’re so fucking ready for me, precious,” he murmured hungrily to her.

Her moist, hot core was begging to be filled by him. He needed his achingly hard cock in her hot little cunt, not his goddamn fingers. Shit, his woman was making him crazy with lust.

“Unzip me, little girl. Do it now,” Randall demanded to her.

Chloe reached for the zipper of his jeans with shaky fingers. After she unzipped his jeans and pushed them down to his thighs, Randall reached for her. Lifting her up onto the bench, he tilted her hips up and spread her thighs wide. He gripped the base of his cock and lined up the tip to her weeping entrance. Clasping his lips over hers to silence any moans from escaping, he drove his cock deep into her tight little cunt.

What else do you have for us?


His Dark Promise

Blurb: Holly Shepherd is gearing up to leave New York for a yearlong transfer to the London office. So the last thing she needs is to indulge in her dark desires for her coworker Travis Kane.

That won’t stop Travis. He is a persistent man, one who never gives up on what he wants, and what he desires most of all is her. One night he whispers his dark promise to her, that he will make her his in every conceivable way by the end of the night.

Taking a gamble, Holly loses her tightly held inhibitions. Just once she wants to know what it would be like to spend one night in his arms and in his bed. What Holly didn’t expect, however, was that one night of unadulterated bliss to turn into many nights. Now days from leaving the country, Holly must make a choice. If she chooses incorrectly, however, she risks not only breaking her heart but his as well.

5 Star Review

Professional Reviews

“I received a copy of this from the author for a truthful review. W-O-W-Z-E-R!! Yup that is how I am going to start my review. Ok soooooo if you hang out on the Twinsie Talk Blog you kinda get the feeling we like…slash that….LOVE erotica. Man, oh, Man this book is a grrrrreat fit for our blog. It is a quick 90 page novella but holy hell it is a hot ass 90 pages. It was a different novel for me to read because the dialogue was minimal. The author does an amazing job of describing everything so we know what is going on and how the characters are feeling. Oh so here is the DL about this novel besides it is a sexy erotic novella. Holly is going to London and has decided to “treat” herself to a good bye weekend from Travis. He has been hounding her for ever but she knew he would break her heart because he is Mr. Player….or is he??? Any way the novel is basically the two of them exploring each other in every conceivable way before she leaves. She slowly realizes she is falling in love with him but knows he will reject her so she will leave and go to London to nurse her broken heart. Travis saw Holly. Travis asked Holly out. Holly said “hell no.” Travis fell in love. He pursues her for as long as he has known her and knew that she would be his. She claimed his heart and he would do anything to have her say/scream/whisper that she loves him. I would love to read more about this relationship and what is going on between them. I will not tell you much about the “what happens” because I really think you will enjoy the story. So peps be sure to pick up your copy!!!” — Angie J, Twinsie Talk Book Reviews



Holly Shepherd moved toward some free space in the center of the dance floor. Closing her eyes, she absorbed the rhythm of the music inside of her. Her hips swayed to and fro with the beat of the song. She could feel the eyes of all her male coworkers gravitate toward her, as she slid her hands seductively up and down her body.

Hearing a few wolf whistles and cat calls moments later, she opened her eyes and instantly her gaze found Travis Kane. He stood at the edge of the dance floor dressed in one of those devastatingly handsome designer suits of his, that made him look every inch the sex god he professed to be. Her mouth watered at the sheer sight of him.

Just staring at him now, Holly knew why Travis Kane seemed to occupy her sinful thoughts during the day, and tantalised her dreams at night. He was purely male, with his dark good looks and sinful eyes and that sexy smile that curved at his lips just like it did now as he stared back at her knowingly. Holly knew she should just stay away from him so her heart couldn’t get tangled up with his. If she kept her distance from him then she also wouldn’t have to acknowledge the way her body always reacted to him whenever he was nearby.

If the gossip she had overheard from all the other women in the office was to be believed about Travis Kane and his sexual prowess then it would be smart for her to avoid him at all cost. All she had to do was keep on doing what she has always had done with him and knock back all his advances and offers of a date so she didn’t become just another name he wrote down in that little black book of his.

Holly didn’t want to be just another conquest Travis gloated about to his mates. She wanted to mean more to him than just simply a one-night stand. After all, they both had to work with each other on a daily basis. They both had a reputation to uphold as corporate high flyers. So if they mixed business with pleasure and it all came undone, then how was she meant to face him at work while nursing a broken heart?

However, that would all change when she left New York, bound for London to join the office there for a twelve-month stint, while Travis remained here in the States. She had the next twelve days to be with him before her flight departed.

So now would be the perfect opportunity to take a chance on him and to lose all her inhibitions. For the next couple of weeks she could give in to her lustful desires for him and revel in the passion he could stir within her. For once in her life she could take a chance on a man who could arouse more passion in her than any erotic novel she had ever read or any other man she had ever been with before.

Plus, she was tired of having to resist his advances and his irresistible charm all the time. What she wanted was to be free to do the bed-sheet tango with him, and experience the pleasure of being in his arms and in his bed. It was something Holly had been dreaming about ever since the day their paths collided a mere six months ago.

Plus it was becoming more and more difficult to turn him down every time he asked her out. The word “no” was becoming increasingly harder and harder to say to him. Holly knew that it was only a matter of time before Travis conquered her resolve. But was she really prepared to be conquered by the sex god himself and risk losing her heart to him at the same time? On that question alone Holly wasn’t so sure she could, not when the chances were high that he would end up breaking her heart when their union had to end. She always knew there would be a time in her life where her heart would want something it couldn’t have, and sometimes in life she had to go after what she wanted. So knowing this should she take the leap of faith and go after Travis Kane and give it everything she had? All the while knowing that at the end of their brief time together if she turned out to be not enough for him, she would have to walk away.

Holly was all too aware that if Travis was to make a move on her tonight she may not have the strength in her to resist him. And resist him she must, well at least try to, anyway. Her gaze lingered on him as he moved through the crowded dance floor to get to her. She could almost see the primal lust shining in the depths of his dark-amber eyes and all thoughts of not taking a chance on him evaporated. This was her chance and possibly her only one to be with him before she left. She couldn’t deny herself of this chance of being with him all because she was too afraid of getting hurt. Life was about taking risks and tonight she would take one and just see where it would take her. As he closed in on her, Holly decided to make him earn his prize of what was hopefully many nights of unadulterated bliss with her. Turning her back to him, she began gyrating her body up against the nearest hot-blooded male she could find, her boss. Oh hell, she was so going to regret that decision when Monday morning came around.


Holly watched as Travis rubbed his thumb and finger across his chin as he considered their options. He stopped and asked her if she was hungry right now.

“For food no, for you then, yes.”

“Well I’ll be damned, my woman wants me.”

“Of course she wants you, especially after you taunted her all day with those damn messages. What else would you expect?”

“Oh for you to run off and pleasure yourself so I could then turn you over my knee and spank you.” He shrugged his shoulders as if what he said to her was an everyday occurrence between them. What the hell, he wanted to spank her ass. Yes, she allowed him to take her there, but spanking it, so not happening.

“On second thought I am hungry for food.” Grabbing his hand, Holly began tugging him out of the kitchen toward the front door only for him to pull up short.

“Nope, change of plan, darlin’. We’re staying in tonight and getting naked, right now.”


“Yes there will be a butt, yours to be precise. Come on, darlin’, the bedroom is this way.”

Holly stared after Travis dumbstruck as he now pulled her back down the hallway to her bedroom. Once again he surprised her by turning the tables on her.

Standing near her bed, she allowed Travis to undress her until she stood in just her sexy little panties and nothing else. She cringed inwardly when he shook his head at her and pointed a finger at her covered mound.

“Why are you wearing panties? I thought we had an agreement, darlin’, that you would go commando until you left for London?”

God help her, but she couldn’t hold back the sassy reply from falling from her lips even if she wanted to, which she didn’t. He may have started this little battle, but she would end it pleasurably she hoped. “You may have had an agreement, stud, but I certainly didn’t.”

“Well, well, well, that sassiness, darlin’, is going to cost that fine ass of yours tonight.”

Holly watched him stalk toward her and held her breath when he reached out and gripped the offending bit of satin and lace between his fingertips and tugged it until it fell away. Cool air may have brushed passed her damp pussy lips, but Holly was too far gone to notice anything other than Travis himself.

“Now that you’re nice and bare for me, sweet darlin’, I’m taking that ass right now.”

After following his orders to bend over and present her ass to him, Holly found herself in a highly vulnerable position and couldn’t help her body’s respond to it. She was beyond excited, to the point that if he touched that sensitive spot on her body she would most likely explode right on the spot. Feeling his warm, calloused hand wander slowly over the cheeks of her ass in a teasing motion had her holding her breath and forcing her need to orgasm back down.

“Good girl. I’m not going to spank this fine ass of yours right now, Holly, but I am going to fuck it. So I want you on the bed with your shoulders pressing into the mattress and knees spread wide. You will show me what I will be taking tonight.”

Holly jumped to her feet and hurriedly crawled onto the bed and got into the position he wanted her in, while Travis gathered the lube and condoms from the bathroom. When he reentered the room she had her hands gripping each ass cheek and spread them wide for him to see her puckered hole. The first dribble of lube on her heated flesh had her jolting forward. He gripped her hips with one hand to keep her still and continued to work the lube into her while at the same time stretching her anus for his entry.

Minutes later she felt the bite of his hard cock entering her. Holly gasped as he pushed into her further, making her accept his entry. She couldn’t breathe. The pleasure and the pain was too much, yet not enough. Hearing him tell her to breathe and push back on him had her settling back down. Just knowing Travis was there with her made all the difference. Holly knew that if it was any other man with her right now other than Travis then there was no way she could allow him to take her like this. Travis, though, made her feel safe and cherished, feelings she never wanted to lose.

Once he was all the way inside her tight back entrance he set up a devastating pace and before too long she found herself begging him to allow her to come.

“No, not yet, darlin’, hold it and let it build up more.”

More, he wanted her to wait until it built up more. Was he crazy? If she allowed that then she would combust into white hot flames of forbidden desire. Her body was already starting to shake violently as she fought against the need to come. “Travis, please let me come. I can’t hold it back. It’s too strong. Let me come now, please!”

We can’t wait to read them!  How can people get ahold of you?

K.R. Haynes




Thank you so much for coming and being our guest of honor.  We are huge fans! 

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