Rocking the Release Day with KR Haynes

Welcome everyone, and welcome KR Haynes!  We are here to celebrate your hot new release, The Fire in Her Eyes that is now available for download!  Thank you so much for coming out and having drinks with us on this very special day for you. The book looks fantastic, and we are so excited about it. We think our readers would love to know a little more! So… we have a few questions for you. 😉

Getting down to business:

  • Please give us a short introduction about yourself:

     K. R. Haynes currently resides in Tasmania, Australia. She has turned her love of reading erotic romance novels into a passion for writing her own erotic suspense BDSM series. Her debut novel series In Her Eyes followed swiftly by His Dark Promise, an erotic novella, has fans around the world eager for her next creation.  

    When not writing and brainstorming new ideas for future books and sexy characters, K. R. Haynes enjoys cheering on her favorite AFL team, the Adelaide Crows, reading romantic fiction novels and catching up with friends and family for a good laugh or relaxing by the fire with a glass of her favorite Tasmania white wine.

  • Tell us about your latest release:

    The Fire in Her Eyes is the second novel in the In Her Eyes series. It’s Mick Huon & Mary J Sinclair’s heart warming story about learning how to let go of the past so you can move forward into the future that’s waiting for you. It’s an emotional and sometimes a dangerous journey that comes with some rather explosive bedroom scenes to! Their romance first began to blossom in the first novel, The Light in Her Eyes. So if you haven’t read the first one in the series I would definitely recommend reading it.

The readers want to know

  • What are 3 things that inspire you?

     Life, dreams and photos

  • Would you fall in love with your hero/heroes?

Well I did have a bit of a crush on Mick when I was writing this novel and still have one even to this day. He’s gruff at times and has a mischievous streak. But its his tender soft side that he only shows to one woman, that had me falling for him. Want to guess who that one woman was? I can tell you all now it wasn’t me unfortunately, but a rather sassy redheaded barmaid instead.

  • Do you see traits of yourself in your heroine?

In this book the heroine is named after my late grandmother and I have also dedicated this novel to her. The only thing Mary J and my grandmother have  in common are their stubbornness and the love of a man that would do anything to keep them safe and protected at all times.

  • For the hot and naughty scenes, do you take from experience, or pure imagination and fantasy?

That’s a trade secret! (winks)

  • As an author you must have your favorite reads.  What are they?

      When I first stumbled across erotic romance novels, the first two I read were by Maya Banks and Shayla Black. And I have been addicted to this genre ever since then.

  • If you had the opportunity to meet any author who would it be?

     I would love to meet the two authors I mentioned in the above question, Maya Banks and Shayla Black as I see them as my idols now that I am a author.

Now time for some fun!

  • Which attracts your personal attention more, the bad boy, dangerous, and dominating type, or the sweet, fun and loving type?

     Definitely the bad boy, dangerous and dominating types for sure. Bring it on I say!

  • Are you a whips and chains person, or feathers and flowers?

Interesting question. Well I would have to say I’m a bit of a mixed bag, because in this novel – The Fire in Her Eyes – there is a highly seductive and rather amusing scene that features a bright blue ostrich feather. Plus there is also a cropping scene in there some where as well!

  •   Chocolate or sex?  Wine or liquor?

Chocolate, sex and white wine please!

  • Which gets you hotter, panty twisting vampires and shifters, or mouth-watering cowboys?

      Well as I am currently writing a vampire novel and he is a rather sinfully delicious handful at he best of times and highly arousing to. So I would have to say vampires.  But I do love reading about hot cowboys!

  • What’s hotter- whip cream and chocolate, or strawberries and Champaign?

    I think after you’ve read The Fire in Her Eyes,  you’ll all know which ones I think are hotter!!!

KR Haynes


Since the first night Officer Mick Huon met Mary J Sinclair down at the Convict Inn, fiery sparks of passion have flown between the two of them. After stealing one kiss from her, Mick decides it’s best if he keeps his distance from Mary J, mainly due to his steadily rising affection for her that was stirred up from one brief tender moment they shared. What Mick hadn’t counted on was for Mary J to seduce him. The woman has a fire within her that sets him ablaze with primal lust. To tame a stubborn redhead like Mary J, Mick will have to pull out all the stops if he’s planning on enticing her into his bed.

But when Mary J’s dark past collides with the present, it stirs up more trouble than they were both prepared for. Can Mick conquer Mary J’s past in time or will he end up losing her forever?

You can find her books at :

Thank you so much for coming out and celebrating your release day with us! We know it will be a huge success and both of us are looking forward to reading it!

One thought on “Rocking the Release Day with KR Haynes

  1. K.R. Haynes is one of my favorite Siren authors so I wanted to drop by and say hello. The Fire in her Eyes looks like another great read!

    Destiny Blaine

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