Friday’s Spotlight welcomes Bryce Evans!!!

Today we welcome a new author to our page today. We want everyone to raise your glasses to the talented Bryce Evans. She is going to be talking to us about her newest book, Big Bad Alpha, the Ashland Pack and answer some questions as well. This book is hot!  Why don’t you let her tell you about it herself while we have another drink.

Hello everyone,

Well my name is Bryce Evans and I’m an author for JK Publishing.  The question I get asked is how would I describe myself.  Well I had to sit and think about that for a few minutes and this is what I would say:  I’m someone who is consistently growing and learning to better myself.  I live in the real world where my job can be very dangerous.  I see a lot of cruelty and pain in the world that I have to help people with.  I write about it, but in my books in the end there is always a happy ending.  On one hand, one of my jobs is very rewarding, scary, dangerous, and exciting and my other job gives me the much needed release to make life better even in times of tragedy.

I guess when people ask who am I?  My answer is simple, I’m a wife, mother, author, passionate, honest person, and when I screw up I just tell you.  So with that being said, hello I’m Bryce Evans and I write Paranormal and Romance books.  If any of these two types of genre entertain you then give me a try.  You can find my books anywhere at amazon, bookstrand, allromance, kobo, smashwords, jk publishing bookstore, itunes, and google.

Wow, that sounds like your are extremely busy. We have found that some of the best writers are the ones who write from their heart, and what they know. So don’t be afraid to shout it from the roof tops, and with that I think its time for a refill.

  • Tell us a little bit about your characters you create.

Pesky little devils are always roaming around in my head.  When a certain song comes on the radio can make me think of characters and a story forms.  Talking to people does it too.  If I get quiet then I’m probably thinking of a story.  I can multi task and listen to you at the same time.  LOL

My male characters are mostly dominant and love to protect the little woman.  However, most of the time I put myself in the role and I can usually take care of myself so at times I do fight the man when they pull the I’m the man and you are the frail little women crap.  Yea it doesn’t work out that way for them.  But in the long run they always come together in the end.  I love the romance of books so it’s always in them.  Right now I have a story in my head and it keeps at me until I write it down.  Pisses me off when I’m writing another book but you have to do it or in my case loose it.

I think we all have been there a time or two as well.

  • What’s the hardest part about being a writer?

Well time is hard for me.  I can loose it very quickly.  I don’t have a lot of time on my hands with a full time job, kids, wife, etc.

I would have to say that the reviews people give can be cruel and that is hard for me.  I know it is part of getting a review but wow some of these people can be a little bit harsh.  I have gotten to the point where I just ignore them, but it always plays over in my head when I least expect it to.  Like when I have a writer’s block going on.  “You can’t write, why did I buy this book.”  That kind of review can stick with you.

At the moment I’m writing the second book of Perfect Reflection.  It is called Infiltrating the Pack and again this book is co-authored by the great Jana Leigh who I love.  She got me started in this business and I owe her a lot.

We have to agree. Reviews are the one of the hardest part to deal with. An author puts so much of themselves into a book, and having someone degrade it crushes you. However, when you get the one glowing review that someone loved it, it makes up for it in the long run.

  • Any advise you can give others out there?

Well if you want to be an author then study the greats or the books you consider great.  Then take your pen out and just start writing. It helps if you start by doing an outline on what you want to happen in the book.  Don’t worry too much about getting it edited at the moment.  Just write and have fun.  Even if you get bad reviews, learn from them and keep at it.

Thank you so much Bryce for talking with us today. But lets get to the good stuff. Your book is fantastic, now lets share some information about that.



In book two of the Ashland Pack:  Mace, the alpha of the Ashland Pack, is restless, irritable, and starting to be quite unpleasant even with his family and friends.  Mace recognizes the changes in himself but for the life of him, he doesn’t know what the problem is.  Or does he?  He plays it off as pressure from the influx of new members to his pack along with members from the vampire clan and Twisters Council.  Plus, the stress from an unknown evil that is still plaguing the town.  Yeah, that’s his story and he is sticking to it, but the people close to him feel it is something else and decide that maybe he needs a little shove in the right direction.

After Lexy’s and her parents’ petition to the become members of the Ashland Pack is accepted, they move into town.  Lexy is thrilled, she is powerful in her own right, but life for her hasn’t been easy.  She finally feels she is given the opportunity to make a life for herself, instead of depending on others.  When her newfound freedom is challenged and her past troubles catch up with her, does she run as per her usual response?  Or does she stay, stand her ground, and hope that in the end she is still alive to enjoy her newfound freedom?

Reece and Star move into Ashland with great hopes of finding a place to call home.  It has been a long road for Reece since he has been on his own for quite a while.  Now he is response for his sister, Star, after their parents’ death.  Once without a pack to call his, he finds friends and a job that he would never expect, considering he is the new wolf in a developed pack with powerful leaders.  Can he find a place for himself and give his sister a chance to thrive within a pack again?  Or will he be the lone wolf again, never finding his true place?

The Ashland Pack faces many changes along with evil, and the added strain of added members.  Follow their story as you read how separate groups come together to start building a defense against an evil that is coming, but they have yet to find out what the evil is or whom?  How do you prepare when you don’t know what you are facing?

Where to find her books:

Amazon      Kobo        Bookstrand       All Romance 

Where you can find Bryce:

Website        Twitter          Author page

Thank you so much for coming out and having a drink with us. All three of us want to thank you for coming out and talking about your book! 

Thank you guys.  It has been a blast.  Keep reading and drop me a line or two.  I love to chat!

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Spotlight welcomes Bryce Evans!!!

  1. Your doing a great job. You cant please everyone so write about what you want to write about and strive to be the best you can be…..The rest will fall into place….

  2. Anonymous says:

    I try to never to put down any authors book. I always say “try writing a book before you put one down. It is not that easy. Don’t put someone down for something you can’t do.

  3. KD Jones says:

    You are a fantastic author Bryce. I love reading your stories. Keep up the good work.

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