The Super Fabulous Jess Buffett is in the Spotlight!

We want to give a warm welcome to one of our favie authors, and dear friends, Jess Buffett! After a bit of begging, we have managed to get an inside look of her newest literature masterpiece, Cowboy’s Chocolate Roses!  Grab a bottle of wine, (yes, the whole bottle) because this is hot, juicy stuff!  

 Cowboys Chocolate Roses400x600

A big hello to everyone, and a special thank you to the ladies of After Dark for having me back again—They’ll get sick of me sooner or later 😉

So, it’s Friday, end of the week. Yay!

Buuut…if you’re anything like me you’re just looking forward to tonight when you can have a glass of wine, and not have to worry about what time to get up tomorrow.

And what better to go with wine then, Cowboys, chocolates, and roses.

This is where I come in. The release date for the book I’m about to give you a sneak peek at has been moved to July 27th…yes, I know, it feels like it’s ages away, however it is up for pre-order, so I hope you stop by and check it out!

What is this little gem, you ask? It’s my very first MF, Cowboy’s Chocolate Roses. And I’d like to introduce you to the two main characters of the story.

First, I give you Joshua Kell, our cowboy extraordinaire, with his southern charm, melting smile, and honey gold eyes:


Niiice, right?

Josh is the more responsible brother, who runs the ranch, and helps out the town. For all his gruffness, he has a sweet side, with a lot of southern charm. He is a man who knows how to treat a lady right (or make up for it when he screws up). And he is more than ready to settle down with the woman of his dreams.

Which brings me to Brianna Evans, shy, but determined, and desperate to take back control of her life:


Bri has been through an incredible amount of pain and after two years is finally finding her feet. A night out with her sister brings unexpected consequences, and meeting Josh turns her entire world upside down. But someone from her past returns to ruin everything, and that is when Bri must learn to trust the man who has already claimed her heart.

Now I’ll leave you with the blurb, and taste of what’s to come.


Joshua Kell just signed a deal that will set his ranch up for life, but the fickle winds of change are blowing his way. A night spent with the woman of his dreams, and a morning waking up alone means he’s heading home nursing a broken heart.

For two years, Brianna Evans has struggled to overcome a horrific trauma. Now, as she takes back control of her life, events lead her to Josh, and if he can forgive her, a chance to be happy again?

When a ghost from her past threatens to take everything away from her, Bri must trust that her cowboy will stop at nothing to keep her safe.


He kissed her slowly, languidly and whispering, “Not allowed to forget this time.”

“Josh,” Bri gasped as he leaned down to kiss the tender flesh of her neck.

His hands slid up and down her sides, moving higher and higher until he reached the curve of her breasts. A deep moan spilled out when Josh finally brought them around to cup her mounds.

“Josh. Please, yes…” she whispered.

Josh traced his tongue over her throat, then to her ear, nipping at it lightly. Her breath caught when he plucked at first one, then the other nipple through the flimsy material of her gown. Her legs drew up around his waist, holding him more firmly to her. Josh continued to knead her flesh, his hands abruptly drifting downwards, leaving her feeling bereft. She groaned in disappointment.

Her moan turned into a gasp when he grabbed the hem of the nightie and yanked it up and off of her. Hooking his fingers into the cotton of her panties, he pulled back long enough to slide them down and off her legs before settling back into place. She now lay naked and exposed, and she reveled in the feel of his body on top of her. A small cry left her lips when he slipped a hand between her parted legs, his fingers stroking at her folds. It had been so long.

Feeling her ready for him seemed to snap his control and Josh abruptly sat up. He undid the button of his jeans, shoving them down his hips, taking his briefs with them. He kneeled between her legs, bare as she, his shaft leaking as it stood at its full length. He had to be at least nine inches. Lying on top of her, he dipped his head, his hot breath on her breast. She moaned when his mouth claimed her erect nipple, and she shuddered, clutching him tighter when he closed over the small nub and began to suck, sending shock waves of pleasure and excitement rippling through her.

Her need for him grew when his hand found its way lower and he pressed against the wet folds of her pussy again, this time parting them and finding her swollen clit. Stroking her with his thumb, he slid two fingers inside of her.

She cried out his name, “Josh!”

“God, you’re so wet. So ready for me already,” he groaned, thrusting his fingers deep.

“Yes. Please, I’m so ready. Take me, now,” she demanded. She couldn’t stand it anymore, she needed him now.

“Yes. Now,” he rasped and positioned himself and drove into her.

Bri screamed out in ecstasy.


You can find Jess Buffet at:


Thank you so much for visiting us!  We are  only upset that it ended with “Bri screamed out in ecstasy.”  (I don’t know about ya’all, but I want to be Bri right now!)  Did you get a look at that cowboy?  Yummm!   I would definitely save a horse and ride him!  Cowboy up! (heh heh.)

We will be the first in line Jess!  Happy reading everyone!

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