After Dark welcomes Jess Buffett to our Friday Spotlight!

We want to wish a warm welcome to our dear friend, Jess Buffett!  Thank you so much for joining us and kicking off our weekend with some kink!  Can you give us a behind the scenes look at the Hunter Clan?

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First I’d like to say a big thank you to the lovely ladies at After Dark for having me on their blog. Today I’d like to talk about my series Hunter Clan.

In interviews I’m constantly asked about how I came up with the idea behind the series, what inspired the idea to create the world and the characters.

The series itself follows a Clan of Wolf-Shifters and their mates, living in Australia, as they battle an enemy the paranormal world thought had disbanded hundreds of years ago. Now the Clan must join the rest of the paranormal world in the fight of their lives as the group, who originally only targeted the powerful Mage, decides it’s open season.

The Creation Of A Series.

What most people don’t know is that I’m a history buff, and is nothing I love more than a good legend to go along with it. So when I first played with the idea of doing a paranormal series, naturally I knew I would be incorporating history into it.

Thanks to wiki, I came across of myth on how the Turkic people came to be. The legend of the she-wolf Asena and her hybrid sons caught my eye, and before I knew it, the Hunter Clan had been born.

Now, Hunter Clan has gone through many changes since its first conception.

Originally the Clan lived in America, had an Alpha, and the character Riley wasn’t anywhere near as funny as he is now.

First, I moved the clan to my home of Australia, even having them live on the Central Coast with me. I loved the idea of writing about places I already knew, of areas I grew up in. It made the story more personal.

Secondly, I decided if I was going to introduce mythology and legend into my story, then why not go all the way. Alpha, became Kayan, Beta turned into Yabyu, and Enforcers were called Ishads. All of them are terms from Old Turkic. Small, simple words, that took me weeks to find. Apparently researching dead languages is hard…who knew? Lol

And finally there was Riley. Riley was a character that took me completely by surprise. Originally he was supposed to be snarky and a little judgemental, he was the weaker brother who couldn’t survive without his twin, but he didn’t turn out that way. Now, I admit, Riley is my favourite out of all of them. I don’t know why, but he is. His sarcasm and quick wit, the spunky attitude and the useless facts that spurt out all combined, make him just so damn loveable. He is a combination of my own personal inner monologue and my husband’s unique humour.

The Next Book

Hunter Clan 2 –Riley’s Vampire Prince

Available Now!


So now I’d like to introduce the next book in the series—Riley’s Vampire Princewhich was released last week.



Riley McLeod has never gotten over the loss of his family to murderous Vampires, and often hides behind his sarcasm and carefree attitude. So imagine his shock when he discovers he is not only mated to one, but his mate is the Prince of the Vaucluse Coven.

When Caleb Vaucluse arrived at the Hunter Clan, he never expected to meet his mate. His joy soon turns to devastation when he learns that Riley fears him. Caleb struggles to get passed Riley’s defenses and prove that they are meant to be. Unfortunately just as they come together, pride and old wounds prove hard to overcome for the pair, and threaten to tear them apart for good.

As an enemy is revealed and more questions are raised, Caleb and Riley have choice to make. Do they keep their pride and stand alone, or stand together and embrace the love fate gave to them?


When his mate was flush up against him, Caleb wrapped a hand around the back of his neck, dragging Riley to him. At first Riley was stiff, his lips pressed together hard, and unrelenting. Caleb wasn’t put off, tracing his tongue around the edges, then pressing it against the seam. When that didn’t work, Caleb gently bit down on his mate’s bottom lip, shocking him enough that Riley gasped. With his lips parted, Caleb took the opportunity to sweep his tongue inside, taking possession of his mate’s mouth, and rolling on top of him.

Caleb groaned as the heat from his mate’s body underneath him set him on fire. Reaching down, he grabbed the hem of Riley’s shirt, tearing it from his body and tossing the remains onto the floor. Beneath him, Riley whimpered and arched his back, silently begging for more.

“Christ, you’re beautiful. I want you so bad,” he admitted as he splayed his fingers and ran them up and down Riley’s chest, plunking at his nipples with each pass.

“Yes, please,” Riley begged.

God, he wished he could, but after everything that had happened he wasn’t certain his mate was ready for this. When he voiced his concern, he was unprepared for the impassioned response he received.

“You’re mine,” Riley snarled, fisting a hand in his hair. “You’re mine, and I’m not fucking letting you go.”

The stinging sensation of his hair being pulled did not deter Caleb, if anything, it made his cock throb harder. He thrust his hips, grinding their erections together as he slammed his mouth back down, tangling their tongues. His cock was hard and leaking, so desperate to be released from its confines and be buried inside the hot, silky channel of his mate’s tight little arse. If he had to wait much longer, Caleb thought he might just explode. And wouldn’t that just be such a waste.

His hand on Riley’s jeans, Caleb quickly undid the button and zipper, peeling the tight as fuck clothing off and doing the same to his own clothes. Once they were both bare, he plastered himself against his mate again, revelling in the feel of their skin touching everywhere, their cocks sliding and rubbing. He settled between Riley’s legs, slowly moving down his mate’s body, licking and nipping as he went. Zeroing in on the beaded little nubs on his mate’s chest, Caleb gripped one peak between his teeth, biting down. When Riley moaned and clutched the back of Caleb’s head, he took it as a sign and bit harder.

Beneath him Riley trashed and mewled, crying out as Caleb continued to worry the sensitive tissue. Riley was fucking delicious. Needing more of his mate’s taste, Caleb moved lower. When he finally had Riley’s cock in front of him he didn’t even hesitate, swooping down and engulfing it, his mate’s cock throbbing and jerking in his mouth. Caleb moaned as the taste of his mate exploded on his tongue, salty yet sweet. It was addictive and Caleb didn’t think he could get enough.

“Oh… oh yes, that’s it. Fuck yes, yes, yes,” Riley babbled, his head tossing around on the pillows. Peering up from his task Caleb saw that he had thrown his arm over his eyes and his lips were parted.

“So perfect. So fucking perfect,” he growled, diving back for more.

His tongue swirled around the bulbous head, teasing the sensitive bundle of nerves, and lapping at the glistening liquid seeping out.

Pulling off, he chuckled at Riley’s murmurs of protest, trailing lower to lick at his wrinkled sac. Riley moaned, spreading his legs further apart and allowed him more access. Caleb licked a path from his sac to his puckered hole as Riley’s hips bucked, a shudder making its way through his body. He slid his arms under the smaller man, bring him closer as he nipped and sucked his perineum and balls.

“Please, please, please,” his mate squirmed.

Riley screamed out when Caleb stiffened his tongue and began jabbing it into the winking hole.

“Oh, fuck. Your tongue is in my arse. Oh, jeez… oh that’s good.”

Caleb smiled when he realised just how gone his mate was. Riley was panting and mewling, his hands on the back of Caleb’s head as if trying to force Caleb deeper.

Well, if his mate wanted deeper, who was he to argue.

Surging up, he covered Riley’s body with his own, claiming his mate’s lips again. He couldn’t get enough of this stunning creature beneath him.

Riley was panting and grabbing for Caleb. “It’s okay, baby. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Please, Caleb. I need you. Fuck me,” Riley pleaded, his eyes beseeching.

Caleb claimed his lips again, as he speared first one, then two lubed fingers into Riley’s tight arse. Riley bucked and moaned, forcing the fingers deeper, trying to fuck himself. Damn, that was hot. Caleb began pumping them slowly, twisting the digits until he found Riley’s prostate, and grazing it.

“Ah! Oh, god, yeah. Do it again!” Riley wailed, humping against his hand.

Caleb stroked over the bundle again and again, before adding another finger. When he knew his mate was ready for him, he pulled his fingers free, grabbing Riley’s legs and throwing them over his shoulders. With his mate practically bent in half, Caleb positioned his cockhead at Riley’s puckered entrance, pushing in slowly. He relished the way the tight hole stretched around him, moaning when he finally bottomed out.

The air around them seemed electrified as he paused to allow his mate time to adjust, Riley’s walls squeezing him tight. When Riley nodded, giving him permission to move, Caleb nearly sobbed with relief. Dragging himself out until just the tip remained, Caleb snapped his hips forward, burying his cock inside again. Riley’s wide eyes dominated his face as Caleb continued to lunge into his mate’s channel, taking him, claiming him.

He was heaven. Exquisite, hot, silky heaven right here inside his mate.



Hmmm, what can I say about myself…I was born and raised in New South Wales, Australia. I married my high school sweetheart and we live on the Central Coast with our two children. I am absolutely a hopeless romantic who loves stories about true love that sizzle with a happy ending (which is probably a good thing given what I write). I’m a huge fan of M/M and M/F romance—anything with hunky men in all their glory, whether they be Shifters, Vampires, Cowboys, or the boy next door. I’m a firm believer in soul mates, happily ever afters, and in love at first sight, but that sometimes people need a second or a third for the brain to catch up.

Well, we absolutley adore all of you Jess!  Both Beverly and I are both huge fans, and can’t wait to get our copy!

You can find Jess too! 

Jess Buffett


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  1. beverlyprice says:

    I am so glad you came out and played with us today. You books sound wonderful and we look forward to reading them all!

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