After Dark’s books- Honor James

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Paranormal Protection Unit-


After the devastating loss of her father, Katherine Douglas picks up her entire life and moves to the wilds of Montana. She sets about making a home only to find the unexpected—three larger-than-life men that send her perfectly planned future into a dizzying tailspin.

In the middle of a sting, Treasach “Scythe” Campbell, Quinlan “Mac” McAllister, and Sullivan “Sully” McAllister, Alpha Team for the Paranormal Protection Unit, were more worried about getting out in one piece than what the future might hold. But then in she walked—their mate. Like a punch to the gut, instincts older than time kick in, and the three men know nothing but the driving need to be with her.

They’re not human, not by a long shot, but they will love her with a fierceness no other could. Will she run from what they are and what they are asking her for, or can they convince her to heed the primal call from within?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.


As a part of the royal line of magic, Maya Griffon knows just what evil is brewing in her own home. But to break free will take everything she has and everything she can give. Prophecy spoke of a way free, a way to find love and to have what she’s always wanted, a man who can understand her like no other ever has. All she has to do now is convince him she is right.

Growing up poor, Quincy Wallace learned that everything has a price. Nothing is unconditional, and nothing is ever free. Love? Love is for those that can afford to be made the fool, something he will never be again. Maya, though, might just be the one person who can change all that if he dares to let her in.

With a crown on the line and danger pressing ever closer, love is truly the most powerful and pure magic there is. But will it be enough?


The operation was planned for every possible outcome, all but one—complete and total loss of communications. Jackie Sutter doesn’t know if anyone is listening, doesn’t know if they know where she is, and doesn’t know if the cavalry is riding to the rescue. All she knows for sure is that she’s suddenly up on the block, being sold in a black market auction to the sexiest man she’s ever seen.

The mission is simple—get in and save the girls being sold off at a madman’s whim. What Allistair Fairbanks doesn’t expect, what throws a wrench into it all, is finding the woman that is his bond-mate on display for all to see. All he has to do now is get her out, convince her they are fated to be together, and live happily ever after.

Never has a mission come with higher stakes. With their very happiness and future riding on the outcome, do they dare not try?


While Aiden Fairbanks was willing to try anything once, being kidnapped, drugged, beaten, and held against his will wasn’t one of his choices. Captors unknown, location unknown, and probability slim to none, his options are severely limited. Until she comes to him, to soothe and confuse him all the more.

As a doctor Talina Marshall thought she’d seen it all, or at least most of it, but when she becomes an unwilling accomplice to Aiden’s torment she realizes just how naïve she’d been. Determined to keep him as safe as she can, Talina puts herself between him and harm’s way time and again, anything to keep the gentle giant safe.

But just when she thought life couldn’t get any more dangerous or bizarre, Aiden pulls her into his world and opens her eyes to all that is really out there. Now all he has to do is convince her to stay and love him and let him show her his in return.


She was no one, so why in the world would anyone want to kidnap her? That is the question that surrounds Charisma Coleman after a thwarted kidnapping attempt leads her to an old but trusted friend’s home. Unsure of everything around her, she’s as surprised as everyone else to find her calm in the arms of a man she thought nothing but a dream.

Months before when he’d been woken by the Queen’s return, Laighean had been sure the woman of his stasis dreams was nothing more than a figment of a slowly degrading mind. To find her in his Queen’s home, mere feet separating them, he fears the worst, insanity finally claiming another victim.

Their passions are fierce, years separated having stoked the fires of their needs to a fiery pitch. Charisma is still in danger, as are others who would be bond-mates, from an unknown threat. To protect his woman Laighean will need to learn his new world and fast.


She is a vet, just a vet. No one would ever mean her harm. Or so Christine Shaw thought. Until one fateful night when someone—no, something—tried to grab her. Having her bacon saved by sexy-as-sin man candy definitely doesn’t hurt. But really, who would want her?

Hardened, sometimes harsh Tryggr Jackson learned through brutal lessons that life isn’t fair. But on rare occasions it is very giving and generous. Finding his bond-mate was as much a shock to him as anyone else he knew. But can the tiny bit of woman handle all that is pent up within him?

Chrissy sees there is more to her man than he knows. She must prove to him that he is what is needed to save a throne and to protect all he’s ever known.


Being the Dragon King is good, but even that has its moments of absolute tedium. Apparently the others have noticed Talon’s lack of focus and shorter-than-normal fuse when he finds himself practically kicked off the job for a vacation. Completely unnecessary in Talon’s mind, or so he believes until a woman plops down across from him and starts to steal his food.

Cinnamon Pericles is an angel who loves watching humanity in all its glory and all its low points. Pure of heart and soul, she’s a lamb in lamb’s clothing. Innocent and excited by everything, she tracks down the only man that can help her with her task and maybe a few more personal items as well.

With his very world being turned on its ear, Talon doesn’t know whether to send her packing or find the closest room with a door that locks. She’s drawn to the large Dragon King in ways she’d never known possible. When these two come together, sparks will fly.


After a few centuries, life becomes rather boring, especially when one couldn’t stand being around people. Mikhail is a Vampire with a long past and an even longer future, alone, looming before him. Then he’s asked for a favor, to help out a friend of a friend who’s running from her abusive ex.

Mindy Hastings is getting tired of changing her looks and always having to watch over her shoulder. She’d give anything for the nightmare to just be over. When Mindy meets a tall, dark, and mysterious man in a dark parking lot, she has no idea just how fast and dramatically her life is about to change.

All Mindy and Mikhail need to do now is figure out if they can trust one another and, just maybe, find a once-in-a-lifetime love. But when Mindy’s ex comes back into her life and complicates everything, their budding relationship is put to the greatest test of all.


Davyn had a good life, a job he loved, and a group of men and women he actually called friends. Not that he liked them all the time, some were just plain annoying. But he was missing a very important part of his life, a bond-mate. Having watched many of his friends find their own, all he wants is to know that kind of love and inner peace.

Dahlia had it all—a good home, loving parents, and a job. Not a great job, but it was a job. Now if she can get her boss to stop being such a sleaze! Then her very world rolls and rumbles, literally. One minute she was on her feet, and the next a sexy doctor was leaning over her, reassuring her everything would be just fine.

A whirlwind romance, heartache, and there’s only one place they want to be—in each other’s arms. The cosmos throws them back together for one last go. Can they make it work?


Love can be found in the strangest of places. Little does Rogue Hunter and general bad ass Zaidu Metzger know he’ll find it at the top of a tree. But that’s where the little bird he’s come to save ends up roosting, and she really doesn’t feel like coming down either.

Bethany Parker’s life wasn’t glamorous but it was going good, could be better admittedly, but it was good. Then she gets herself kidnapped by a pack of wolves who then make her run through the woods at night and get pissy at her for climbing a tree! Seriously?

As a Hunter, Zaidu can’t have a bond-mate. It’s the unwritten law of their people. But the Goddess Gaia has other plans and links Bethany, sweet, innocent, and very human Bethany, to him. Then, just to make things real interesting, Bethany’s psychotic brother comes looking to play. Can they survive her brother and everything else the world is throwing their way?


Parker Michaels’s world has been dark for the last years of her life. Her vision taken in a horrific attack, she is now at the mercy of a madman. His greatest desires? To kill the potential bond-mates of his enemies and claim the throne on which his birth father currently sits. And her role is to help him even as she tries everything to stop him.

Rayne Crimsonwing and Slade von Trustian are unlikely allies in the war raging under the humans’ noses. But more than that they are bond-mates to the woman helping their greatest enemy. Torn between duty and what fate has given them a chance to finally have they must make the hard choices in a battle that only one side can win. And they are not going down without a fight.

Time is running out as alliances are forged and love discovered. They will only have one shot, and death is breathing down their necks.

Lord Of The Expanse-


It was an arrangement, a contract, a deal between factions. Andries Mauricio is a soldier, does his duty, serves his people, and prays to die with dignity when his day comes. But then she steps into his life, rearranges all his preconceived notions, and puts his carefully controlled world into a tailspin. If only he knew for sure she was there for him and not to gain information for her backstabbing father.

Every moment of her life is filled with terror and worry, every moment carefully thought out so as not to bring pain. Xandra Ripley knows how her days will end. Then it all changes with the first kind thing ever done for her.

With war imminent, there they are, in the middle. Xandra wants safety. Andries wants his enemies dead. Can two more different people ever see what they both have before it’s too late? Time is running out, and everything, including their hearts, is on the line in the most important battle of their lives.


As a lady of her world, Violet Macy was raised to be gentle, considerate, polite, and demure. But the training she gets when taken off the streets is more than even she can bear. Armed with knowledge of the enemy of her people, she makes a daring decision and heads straight for them.

As colonel of a ship in the Vampire fleet, Titan Rostam has seen and dealt with many things. But a half-naked female requesting asylum is a first for even him. With danger nipping at her heels in the form of the Syndicate, he has a choice to make—hand her off or marry her. The choice he makes will reshape his life.

As a seer of future events, Violet had no idea just how dramatically her life would change when she escaped her prison. Now if she can only survive long enough to enjoy it with the man who surprises her every day of her life.

The Royal Wolves-


Janos Farkas is one of the Princes in hiding. His parents were murdered in a revolt that was brought about because of greed. It isn’t until he meets Mina Tremayne that he realizes that sometimes accepting the help of the Packs that swore their allegiance to the Crown and his family isn’t such a bad thing.

Mina was completely alone in the world, her every action carefully taken into account so that there was no misstep that would send her failing miserably and landing on the streets, or worse. It is by total happenstance that she walks into Janos’s world, a cracked keg of beer being the catalyst that will send her carefully shaped world into complete chaos.

To him she is a thing of beauty, pure in her mind and soul. To her he’s the man of her dreams and is the only one that can shake up her well-ordered, if poor, life.

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