Bringing Down the House!

Hello!  Today, we are partying our asses off in celebration of our very own smokin’ vixen, Beverly Price!  She has a brand new release out, Unlucky, Lucky Montana and we need to get drunk, shake what the good Lord gave us, and rock this place!  Beverly has worked so very hard to deliver an award worthy story, and went above and beyond.  I have the honor to call her my BFF and Thunder Buddy, and it is an absolute joy working side by side with her.  I want you all to get an inside look at the naughty little she-devil behind the stories!  So, like a good friend should, I am going to tell a few dirty little secrets on her! >:)

First off, I have to let you see the cute little thing that she is.  We will be up late at night texting and comparing ideas, when out of the blue I will get a pic of yet another pair of adorable wild socks.  The woman loves toe socks, but even has knee high rainbow assortments of all designs.  Her cute little piggies crack me up.  She does her best writing with piggy tails and wine.  Somehow, the more tipsy the girl gets, the hotter the scene is!  She has left me snuggling up to the Mister on many nights!  Her children are absolutely adorable.  I have grown so fond of them that I consider them part of my kid-clan.  They are adorable little hams that do and say the greatest things!  Lets see… Oh!  Without getting into trouble, in one of her books (not saying which, you gotta read them all and find out!) there is a scene that involves a wooden spoon getting broken.  What you don’t know is that it was something from experience…. I guess Mr. Price has broken a brush handle across her hot little rump!  Yummm!  She looks like an innocent angel, but has a naughty side that brings her characters into the depths of kink, sweat, and delight!  Okay, I think I need to hush before I get a brush used on me… he he…. (hum… I might like it! 🙂 )

I want to challenge all of you to snatch *snorts* your copy of Unlucky, Lucky Montana today and check out what this woman has delivered for our reading pleasure!


Piper Andrews is a secret romance author who has had nothing but bad luck all her life. Making a decision she hopes is the best, she moves in with her friend Sam, who lives in the small town of Lucky, Montana. Picking up what is left of her life, Piper is determined to finally get the luck in life she craves. However when a secret crush reappears, Piper is overcome with desire and for once in her life unsure what to do next.

Just out of the Marine Corps, Milo decides to make a new start with family and friends in his hometown of Lucky. Trying to keep his past in his past, he ends up running face to face with a fiery redhead who turns his world upside down. The downfall is that she is his sister’s best friend. Will Milo put away his fears to finally give in to the desires he now has for her?

Let me just say, Milo was so freakin’ hot.  This book has so much fun in it, and a deeper story that adds so many dynamics to it that your interest literally keeps you glued to the pages.  I loved it and can’t wait for the next!

Now, get out of here and show my girl some love.  You won’t be disappointed!  I have a bottle of Captain Morgan chilling and the glasses ready!  Wine just doesn’t suit this event, so I am breaking out the good stuff!

Fun to be had! Time to win something extremely unique, and all you have to do it leave a comment here! Beverly is going to draw a name out of the comments you leave on here for a prize! The winner gets a real 4 leaf clover charm necklace, so join me in some hot talk! I am still hung up on that book and need a few friends to gossip with about some of the fun, and some of the naughty!

About afterdarkwriters

Hello! Shae Shannon and Beverly Price are both bright, new writers for Siren Publishing. They specialize in erotic romance. From westerns with hot cowboys to paranormal with sexy shifters, vampires, and witches, they write it all. Check out their new releases on!

6 thoughts on “Bringing Down the House!

  1. beverlyprice says:

    Oh my goodness… The cat is out of the bag about my socks.. Wonder if my readers would like some with me? Maybe with a four leaf lucky clover on them? Hmm.. ideas…

  2. Shae Shannon says:

    Ok peeps enter now for your chance to win! Best of luck!!

  3. mimitulane says:

    *waves* Hey Shae Hey Bev! I agree she is too cute and I will have to send you both pics of my eldest sock collection! Too hot in Phoenix to wear em year round but I have a few cute ones. Mostly skulls! 😛 Loved reading the post you girls rock!

  4. Donna says:

    I wish all these books, by all these absolutely fantastic author’s would come to the kindle first

  5. Anonymous says:

    Beverly also loves fluffy socks and wears tennis shoes with skirts…….and make it work….

  6. cheryl says:

    Wow, that’s really awesome! Book sounds great 🙂 Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

    *sips some Captain Morgan, dances around the room*

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