An interview with your favorite authors!

Hello darlings! We have lured some of our favorite authors and have convinced them to answer some deep, dark secrets. Kick off your shoes, let your hair down, grab a glass of wine and join us on a naughty adventure into these dangerously imaginative minds!
LORI KING you’re first in our juicy line up!

  • Tell us about your book-

Sidney’s Triple Shot is an emotional roller coaster. The story follows Sidney Rowe, a woman who is attempting to regain her footing after leaving an abusive relationship. Sidney’s former lover isn’t happy about her exit from his life, and is hot on her heels trying to take her back, but when she stumbles into the unusual town of Apache Crossing, Texas, and the Dawson Brothers bar Triple Shot, her whole life changes in a flash.
The three Dawson brothers are as tight as a trio of brothers could possibly be, and after leaving the Marines they purchased a run-down bankrupt bar, and settled into Apache Crossing to build a life. Little did they know the excitement that one hot little bartender would bring into their life! Like being smacked with a baseball bat, the three brothers find themselves smitten with the secretive blonde, and will do whatever they must to protect her, and to keep her.
Sounds great… Can’t wait until we get to read it!

  • Would you fall in love with your hero/heroes?

I ALWAYS fall in love with my heroes, but Xavier, Tyce, and Noah Dawson are particularly special to me. I started writing their story in early 2012, and they were slow to share it with me. As I grew closer to the three brothers, I have to admit I grew ridiculously jealous of Sidney’s luck. They are sexy, sweet, sexy, protective, sexy, generous, sexy, kindhearted, sexy, funny, and did I mention sexy? If only they were real….
I would have to agree with you that there sure is some hotness going on…

  • Which gets you hotter, panty twisting vampires and shifters, or mouthwatering cowboys?

I’m a ménage writer, so I would want one of each in my bed. Who says boys can’t play well together?
OH my goodness women, you have me twisted with very dirty thoughts… I love it!

  • What’s hotter- whip cream and chocolate, or strawberries and Champaign?

I have a sweet tooth, but I’m not much of a drinker, so I would be all over the whipped cream and chocolate. Actually now that you mention it whipped cream comes into play in a big way in my book Legacy of the Wolf…..HOT.
OOH girl, we could get in trouble hanging around you! You and your books are burning the room up!

  • Are you a whips and chains person, or feathers and flowers?

I have a paddle with a flowery handle on it, so can I be both? The world really needs more variety after all.
WOW! Chick we have to say when you get creative you sure do it right! No wonder you books are so damn hot! LOVE IT!




Don’t forget to Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!

Lori King Blog shit
Sidney Rowe has been abused in ways that most people can’t even imagine. After a horrific miscarriage, she left behind everything she had, to escape her ex-boyfriend. She finds refuge in the kindness of the three Dawson brothers. They give her a job and a sense of security in the small town of Apache Crossing.
Xavier, Tyce, and Noah Dawson, have built their bar, Triple Shot, into a profitable enterprise. The three former Marines, have also built a reputation for integrity in the community, but their sex appeal and charm are legendary. They enjoy their playboy status…that is until a jumpy, skittish Sidney stumbles into their lives needing their help.
Sexual tension explodes when the brothers decide they want to protect and share Sidney, but to have her they have to stop her ex from haunting her. Can they keep her safe, and win her damaged heart?
“I’m fine. I’m sorry I panicked,” she said, but her voice came out as a squeak. Reality came crashing into her like a tidal wave. She was sitting in Tyce’s lap, surrounded by the only other two men that had ever made her throb with desire, and she had their full attention. Xavier’s hands had just been running all over her body, making her skin tingle. Her anxiety ratcheted up as she tried to come up with a believable explanation for her panic attack. She looked up, and when Xavier’s eyes met hers, she instinctively dropped her gaze away from the intensity in those blue orbs.
“Don’t be scared. It was a pallet of supplies that got dropped when the loader’s hydraulics broke. No one got hurt, thankfully. We just have a bit of a mess in the back room to clean up.” Noah crouched down next to Xavier, taking her hands into his and drawing her attention. “Honey, why did it scare you so much?”
“Umm…I don’t know…I mean, I heard it, and I thought it was a gunshot…” She fidgeted for a moment, but froze when she remembered that she was still in Tyce’s lap. The thickness underneath her told her that he was very physically aware of her wiggling.
“A gunshot? Why would someone be shooting around here, Sidney?” Xavier’s question set panic building in her chest again, and she started to pull away from Tyce’s embrace without answering.
“No, Sidney, you can’t run away from us this time. What is going on? Are you in trouble?” Tyce pulled her back against his chest and pressed her head back down to his shoulder. Her whole body was trembling, and he kissed the top of her head, running his hand up and down her back. For an instant she wondered how it would feel to be held like this through the night. Comforted and cherished like something precious. She quickly discarded the fantasy and tried to refocus on the situation.
“Tyce, please let me go,” she said with a strength that belied the fragile state her emotions were in. When she turned away from him, she found Xavier still kneeling in front of her . He reached out and gently but firmly gripped her chin, forcing her to look him in the eyes.
“Want to tell us about Robert Wicks?” Xavier said quietly. Sidney felt like her lungs would never expand again. Terror trickled down her spine, followed by sadness that was so overpowering she had to close her eyes against their questioning looks. Like waves each emotion swept over her, leaving her breathless and closer to the edge of an irrationally emotional breakdown. She twisted away from Xavier’s grip on her jaw and jumped up from Tyce’s lap.
“No, actually I don’t. That’s my business, and I don’t need to share it with anyone. I’m going back out to the front to help Kara.” She reached the door before she felt hands on her. Noah’s firm body pressed against her back, and he wrapped his arms tightly around her. One arm was across her chest and the other across her hips, holding her immobile while he pressed a kiss to her ear. It was a beautifully sweet touch that made her ache to share her burdens with him. “Stop, honey. Whatever it is, you can talk to us,” he murmured against her ear, and goose bumps prickled across her arms. She couldn’t tell them about Robert, and she couldn’t let them get any closer to her. It was time to leave.
“Look, I’m sorry if I gave you all the wrong impression, but I don’t want or need your help. What I need is my privacy, and my paycheck. I will finish my shift and leave my uniform in the locker tonight. Clearly I can’t continue working here.” She held herself stiff until she felt Noah reluctantly release her, and then she threw the door open and walked down the hallway. She could feel the tingle of all three men’s eyes on her again until the door shut behind her. Straightening her spine, she fought off tears as she reentered the bar dining room. She wouldn’t cry for a man again. No matter how much she wanted to.
Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Noah and Tyce stripping out of their clothes as she tugged Xavier’s zipper down, exposing his hard length to her hot hands. She shoved his pants down his thighs and then wrapped her hand around him. She smiled again when her fingers didn’t quite close around his girth, and her pussy grew wetter. Sticking her tongue out, she gently licked the pre-cum off of the tip of his cock.
“Don’t tease me, Sidney,” Xavier grumbled, and she opened her lips and sucked his length down until it was teasing her tonsils. “Oh fuck, yes, that’s good, baby.”
Waves of satisfaction rolled over her at every grunt and moan of pleasure that escaped his voice box, and she doubled her efforts. Reaching her hand underneath him to cup his heavy balls, she began a sensual, circular motion with her fingers.
While she was alternately tugging and massaging at his balls, he roughly gripped her hair and began thrusting into her mouth at his own pace. She moaned around her mouthful of cock and felt his balls tighten in her hand.
“Swallow it, baby,” he directed, just before his whole body shuddered as cum shot into her mouth. She swallowed quickly, trying not to lose a drop, and after a few moments his hand gripped her chin to pull her away from him oversensitive cock. He tipped her head back to look down at her, and she smiled at the heavy-lidded look of a sated man.
“Your mouth is incredible,” he murmured as he bent to kiss her tingling lips. She was surprised by the kiss, knowing he must taste himself on her tongue, but she realized that even that was a turn on. When he finally broke their lip-lock and stepped away from her, she was breathing hard again, and she could feel the flush of lust on her face and throat.
“Strip now,” Xavier said in a low voice that stroked her desire even higher. She dropped her eyes from his as she tugged the beautiful navy-blue dress over her head. Noah snatched it from her hands before tossing it in the general direction of the kitchen and dropping to his knees where Xavier had been standing.
A blink later she was completely nude except for her strappy high-heeled sandals. She felt decadent and utterly sexual in the presence of
three large, nude men, and she pushed away all of her normally self-conscious thoughts.
Tyce moved closer to her side and reached out with one hand to tweak her nipple. She reacted by moaning and arching into his hand, so he did it again, only harder. “Do you like that, love?” he whispered to her, but her panting gave the answer away for her.
Noah’s hands were forcing her knees apart, and his long, masculine fingers were gently stroking their way closer and closer to her cleft as Tyce dropped his head to suck her nipple into his mouth. She cried out at the ripples of ecstasy that rolled over her as Noah nipped at the soft skin of her inner thigh and danced his fingers over her dripping slit. Tyce’s teeth and tongue worked magic on her sensitive nipples, and before she could register what was happening, Sidney climaxed spectacularly.
Michelle Graham come on over here and pour another drink with us!

  • Tell us about your book.

My most recent release is The Art of Love, which is the second in my Hedon Falls series. It’s about a gallery owner who is looking for erotic art and ends up falling for three artists in the process. Book 3 in the series is coming at the end of April. More info about that will be coming soon!
I am so glad you answered my unspoken question… This seriously is beyond amazing!

  • What is the sexiest thing about your hero/heroes?

The fact that they are willing to share their woman! Oh, and they’re damn good at oral sex.
Who could resist a man who knows how to use his hands and his mouth! And top that by making it two… sign me up!

  • If you could have one night of your dream fantasy, what would it be and with who?

Oh, boy. That could get interesting. In all honesty, I’d love to go to an orgy. Just wall-to-wall sex with anyone and everyone. Sigh…
Hot Damn woman I love yours answer… So we have the wine who has the men? Anyone, Anyone? 

  • Are you an in the moment type of person, or do you plan it out?

Are we talking about sex or writing? In both instances I tend to be more in the moment, though occasionally I like to have a rough (catch that play on words?) idea of what I want to do.
Agreed! We all do in some way! Rough is usually the best way… 

  • Have you ever played out your sexual scenes in your bed?

I can’t say that we have done any one scene exactly, but we’ve experimented a lot. Especially with the BDSM elements. I figured I needed to have a basic understanding of what some of these things felt like before I could write about them. I enjoy research!
We do love a woman who knows her toys! Research is important to any good book, especially when it involves a happy ending… get it… hehehe
Michelle Graham
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michelle Graham
The Art of Love
Melanie Hynes owns the brand new art gallery in Hedon Falls. When she decides to make erotic art the theme of her opening exhibition, she goes in search of artwork.
Justin Gauthier creates a unique blend of painting and photography. Melanie finds his youth and vigor intoxicating. David Hannah can sculpt provocative pieces from ordinary materials. And Melanie discovers that he is very good with his hands. Garrett Anderson’s paintings of BDSM are shocking and arousing. When Melanie asks about the lifestyle, he teaches her.
Three men, each with their own distinct talents, and she falls hard and fast for all of them.
When David finds out she is seeing other men, he is hurt and angry. Confused by her attraction to three men, she doesn’t know who to choose. Justin and Garrett show her the joys of sharing and she thinks that may be the key to her dilemma. Can she convince David to consider a ménage?
Never before seen excerpt!
She stopped at one picture of a woman holding leashes attached to collars on three men. She had one man sucking on each of her nipples, and the third had his face buried between her legs. It was a very arousing sight, and she remembered how good it felt when David had gone down on her. How much better would it be if she also had men to play with her tits? She squirmed slightly as her clit throbbed.
“I want that,” she said as she pointed to the painting.
“You do? Shall I call a couple of my friends over?” His eyes twinkled in amusement.
Melanie blushed. “I meant I’d like the painting for the exhibit.”
“Of course,” said Garrett.
To hide her embarrassment, Melanie continued pointing out pictures she wanted. There were quite a few. The quality of Garrett’s work was impeccable, even if the subject matter was risqué. When she examined a picture of a woman in nipple clips, she remembered David pinching her own nipples that morning.
“Why do people get so aroused by pain?” she asked.
“Tough question,” he said. “And the answer will vary depending on who you ask. It’s not always cut and dry. For most, it’s the intensity of the physical stimulation plus the emotions that go along with it. A psychologist could probably give you some deeper answers.”
Melanie nodded but was still a bit confused. “What about the domination and submission part?”
“Also very complex,” he said. “Some people like to be in control and some people like to give that control to others.”
“Oh.” She still didn’t really get it.
“Would you like to try something?” he asked her.
“What?” she gasped.
“It doesn’t have to be sexual. Some people just like giving or receiving orders. I can help you if you want to see what it’s like,” he said.
“So you do this stuff?” she asked softly.
“Some of it,” he said. “Try asking me again, but this time be really aggressive and threaten me if I don’t answer.”
Melanie stared at him. It felt kind of strange to think of giving orders but she figured she might as well try. She could call it research. Putting on her best bossy voice she said, “Do you do this shit, Garrett?” She felt a little ridiculous.
Garrett slumped his shoulders and lowered his eyes before mumbling something.
“I can’t hear you, Garrett,” she said forcefully. “Look at me.”
He lifted his eyes and didn’t say anything.
“Answer me!” she cried. “I want to know if you do this kinky shit!”
“Yes,” he replied softly.
“I can’t hear you.” Melanie was beginning to enjoy herself. Garrett played the submissive role well and that made it easier for her to be dominant.
“Yes,” Garrett said more loudly.
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, I do this kinky shit, ma’am.”
Ma’am? She kind of liked that. She thought about what to say next. “Tell me what you do. And give me all the details or I’ll have to punish you.”
“I like to tie girls up,” he said.
“What do you do to them when they’re tied up, you dirty fuck?” Now she was getting into it and, to her surprise, found herself becoming aroused.
“I like to put nipple clamps on them,” he said, his eyes locked on hers. “I pull the clamps until they cry out. I whip them. I whip their legs, their asses, their tits. And I whip their pussies until they beg me to fuck them.” His eyes hadn’t left hers and she could feel her nipples hardening and her pussy getting wet. She swallowed and glanced down at his crotch to see a huge bulge in the front of his pants.
“Your cock is hard,” she said.
“Yes, ma’am.”
“I didn’t tell you you could get a hard-on did I?”
“No, ma’am.”
“What should I do with you?”
“You should punish me, ma’am,” he said quietly.

Tonya Ramago, come refill your cup and talk with us for a bit…

  • Tell us about your book

Controlling the Burn is a M/M erotic older hero romantic suspense involving two men of the Loveland Smoke Jumpers unit. I love writing novels about firefighters and smokejumpers are a branch of the fire service I had not ventured into before Controlling the Burn, but definitely one that I believe deserves recognition. These highly trained firefighters are some of the most elite in the fire service.
Hot man love! Gotta love it!

  • Are you an in the moment type of person, or do you plan it out?

Both. I don’t plan out every detail, but I do try to get a good idea of the majority of the plot in my head before I begin. I also use character sheets to jot down the descriptions of all my major characters, their personalities, and any facts about their lives that may be important to the story. Then I dive in.
Very interesting tip!

  • Do your characters relate to your personality?

In some way, major or minor, I’m sure every character in my books has a little of me in them. It’s hard not to have a bit of your own personality in a character when you’re putting them on the computer. It happens even when you don’t mean for it to.
See, and that is why you and your books rock!

  • Chocolate or sex? Wine or liquor?

Really? You’re going to make me choose between chocolate or sex! How about chocolate sex? hehe The second one is easy. Wine.
Good thing we have plenty of both with us here today… Granted we could always use more sex! hehehe

  • What is your favorite sexual position?

All of them 🙂
Tonya Ramagos
Trained to protect. Willing to die. Ready to serve…in bed and out.
A Siren Publishing Bestselling Series Available at


Controlling the Burn:
Drew Ward knows how to keep his head in the game and, now that he’s accomplished his mission to become one of the elite Loveland Smoke Jumpers, he’s turning his attention to the man he’s wanted nearly half his life. Seasoned smoke jumper Wesley Payton might be twenty years older, but he’s one hotbed of perfection Drew aims to have, and he won’t stop his pursuit until Wesley belongs to him.
Wesley has avoided being caught alone with Drew for six weeks, but he hasn’t managed to evade the fire burning inside him for the younger man. Drew is sinfully sexy, dangerously tempting, and Wesley knows if he lets the man get too close he’ll be toast. But Drew isn’t a man who backs off easily, and when Wesley suddenly finds himself in the man’s arms, he knows he’s parachuted into a wildfire he won’t be able to control.

Alanea Alder do you wanna come on over and play with us?
Hello Ladies! Thank you for the opportunity to share my book with you and tell you a bit about myself 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t have covers yet 😦 but I have included the banners I made for my website 🙂
It’s okay, we still love you, and we promise not to bite, well unless you want us to?!?

  • Tell us about your book

My book is set in the shifter only town of Arkadia. The town has always been run by the Arkadions, a family of bear shifters that is trusted to be neutral in shifter disputes. Book 1, Fate Knows Best, is the story of the eldest Arkadion son, Aleksander Arkadion as he finds out that Fate has given him a tiny, dark haired human as a mate, despite his ‘no human’ dating policy.
Sounds hot, we will have to be on the lookout… We love hot shifters here!

  • What is the sexiest thing about your hero/heroes?

For Aleksander I would say the way he is protective of his mate and the way he growls when any other male gets next to her.
Gotta love a man that growls! Pease tell us he is a biter, Beverly is a big fan of people who bite!

  • What’s your favorite form of play in the bedroom?

Role Play
Works good for us. As long as there is some sort of action count us in!

  • What’s hotter- whip cream and chocolate, or strawberries and Champaign?

Since I’m very much a neat freak I would say the strawberries and Champagne. Less chance of a mess.
Okay, we can see your point; after all you can pour the Champaign into the bellybutton and drink… the possibilities!

  • Have you ever played out your sexual scenes in your bed?

Not yet, maybe when I find a growly man of my own.
Well damn, we should have brought some, but our hot growly men are on back order.. maybe next time!


Twitter: AlaneaAlder


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alanea fate knows best

Fate Knows Best:

Rebecca Morgan thinks she knows what she wants out of life, until her life plan goes to hell in a hand basket. Now she is out looking for adventure. She just doesn’t expect to discover a shifter only town and one six foot eight, grumpy, bear shifting Sheriff named Aleksander Arkadion.
Aleksander Arkadion only wants to date shifter females after working a brutal homicide case that has him returning to the shifter only town of his youth. Which is why is he curious to discover a human in town and shocked when he realizes the tiny woman is his mate.
As the attraction between them grows Aleks realizes that he can’t stay away from the petite female, but the realization may come too late, though her body was never in any danger, he may have destroyed her heart by pushing her away. Now he has to convince his mate he really does want her while keeping her safe from rogue hyenas bent on taking her.


Fated to be Family:

Kate Edwards and Bran McGregor have been mated almost two years and things are going great. So Kate is shocked at her body’s reaction to Caleb Donovan one of the newest members of their Pack and father to twin boys Landon and Lucas. When she realizes that he is her second mate she must figure out a way for them to come together as a family.
When the hyenas return this time to kidnap their sons Kate, Caleb and Bran find themselves questioning the loyalty of the Pack around them and relying on those outside the Pack to keep their sons safe.
Unable to discover how the hyenas are able to enter Arkadia, tragedy strikes and Pack, Pride and Sloth come together to defend their town against the hyenas, but will it be enough for everyone to make it out alive?

K.R. Haynes guess what? It’s your turn to pull up a drink and chat with us!

  • Tell us about your book

The Light in Her Eyes is the first novel in the series In Her Eyes. the second novel in the series is due out mid 2013. It is an Erotic Romance Contemporary BDSM novel base in Kingston, Tasmania Australia. The series has HOT ALHPA Males and sassy subs who will do almost anything they can to rile up their Dom’s patience. In the first novel, Officer Jon Randall is the bad boy of the Kingston Bomb Squad team and was currently serving another suspension patrolling the streets of Kingston when one night his life changes for the better when he pulls over a crazy ass woman driver. What he hadn’t expected was for the crazy driver to be the one woman who captured his heart over ten years ago when he was just a young man. There’s just one hitch in Officer Randall getting his happily ever after with her. His high school sweetheart, Chloe Watson doesn’t remember him. This doesn’t stop him. He will do absolutely anything he can to make her remember him and the love they once shared together. If that means she needs a good firm spanking to bring back those memories, then he is more than willing to hand one out to her. But when an unknown source threatens her life, Randall will do whatever it takes to ensure she remains safe and alive.
We do love a man with strong hands! This is a great read!

  • What do you do to help write your sex scenes?

If I need a little inspiration, I may take a sneak peek at some naughty little videos or read some rather rauchy tales, and when the words are flowing in my mind I’ll listen to some erotic tunes to get as many words down onto the computer for the readers read at their own pleasure.
A woman after our own hearts! Naughty videos rock! 

  • Which attracts your personal attention more, the bad boy, dangerous, and dominating type, or the sweet, fun and loving type?

Definitely the domineering and bad boys mixture, and especially the ones who have a soft spot for the women in their lives even if those same women cause them a little trouble.
See we told ya folk, bad boys are hot!! Plus it’s fun to try and train them!

  • What’s hotter- whip cream and chocolate, or strawberries and Champaign?

That’s a tough one. They both have their advantages and they both have my mind going into overtime to come up with some rather creative ways to devour them.
Love the way your mind works… Drink some more wine it helps! hehehe
K.R. Haynes
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The Light In Her Eyes:

Let’s bring down our next victim… JC Szot, come on over!
She couldn’t believe he had the nerve to laugh at her fiery words. She glared at him in silence when recognition finally dawned on her on who was standing there laughing at her. Jon Randall. Chloe swore her cheeks must have turned the brightest shade of red ever. Damn the man and his impeccable timing.
He pointed to the empty seat across from hers and said to her, “What a pleasant surprise to see you here tonight, Chloe. May I join you?”
“If you must,” she muttered, lowering her eyes from his.
Hearing him chuckle at her as he slid into the seat across from her had Chloe cursing him under her breath.
His voice stroked over her overwrought nerves as he asked her, “So what brings you here to this fine establishment of ours tonight?”
Shrugging her shoulders, her fingers entwined around the stem of her wine glass. “Just had a need to get out of the house is all. What’s your reason?”
Randall just raised an eyebrow at her question while answering her. “Mine? Well I just finished my shift at the station and didn’t feel like heading home to a big ole empty house.”
She snorted at his answer while her eyes did a quick perusal of his gorgeous body. She had to admit he was looking mighty fine tonight. He took a good long swig of his beer while keeping his eyes on hers. Chloe knew the moment Randall picked up on her despondent demeanour when he frowned at her.
He placed his beer back down and stared across the table at her in silence. Chloe broke their eye connection and darted her gaze back over to the lovers dancing on the dance floor nearby them.
Before she could react, Randall slid out of the booth and pulled her to her feet and tugged her onto the dance floor with him. Of course he found the darkest and most intimate spot for them to dance in. He drew her up close to his taut frame. The scent of his cologne made her resistance to him weak at best. There was no possible way to
resist him. He surrounded her completely with his presence. Before she could think about all the reasons why she shouldn’t, Chloe found herself melting against his body.
She needed this. She needed his strength, as hers was failing her big time tonight. Had he sensed it? Is that the reason why he wanted to dance with her, so he could offer up his strength and his comfort to her? If it was she appreciated his unspoken gesture. Chloe knew she was not herself tonight. Her birthdays always did this to her, always made her feel like she was celebrating a loss rather than celebrating her birth. It had been this way ever since she lost those missing six months of her memory back when she was sixteen years old.
She was beginning to wonder if she would ever find happiness in her birth again.
Neither she nor Randall said a word as they swayed their bodies together to their own rhythm of music. Gradually she wrapped her arms low around his waist and laid her head against his chest. He held her, just held her and moved them both to the rhythm of the music. Eventually, Randall rested his chin on top of her head while weaving a hand into the hair at her nape and held her closer to him. Closing her eyes briefly, Chloe took a moment to absorb his strength and the scent of him into her soul. If she had to describe this one moment to someone, she would tell them it was like being in heaven. That was what it felt like to her, being in his embrace as he guided her around the dance floor.
It felt so right being in his arms and dancing with him. Nothing else mattered to her. Nothing else existed outside his strong embrace. She felt safe here in his arms, and it was something she hadn’t felt in a long time. He made her feel protected and she needed his protection, especially with a sick bastard constantly leaving threatening messages to kill her.
The brush of his erection against the softness of her belly caused a soft moan to fall from her lips. And for the first time tonight, Chloe smiled. She actually smiled.
He knew what she was doing. He knew as soon as he spanked her already tender ass that her pussy would be begging to be touched. So her rubbing her thighs together, oh so innocently, was not going to go unnoticed by him. When Randall had left the lounge room, he had told his old friend to stay put, and not to come looking for him if he didn’t return in five minutes.
So here he was standing in the kitchen with his sassy little lover who was begging to be touched by him. He wasn’t about to deny her or himself the pleasure of a release.
“Stop what you’re doing right now, little girl.” Randall waited for Chloe to respond to his command. When she didn’t, he crowded in on her, forcing her back toward the kitchen bench. “I said stop, Chloe, and I mean now.”
Staring at her, Randall counted quietly to ten. When she stopped he raised his voice a little higher but not loud enough for Mick to hear in the next room. “Spread your legs, little girl, and do it now.”
Slowly Chloe spread her stance for him. She peeked up at him through lowered lashes. Randall could see the heat in her eyes. Oh yeah, she wanted him right here, right now. There was no doubt in his mind that pussy of hers would be aching and soaking wet for him. Just the way he liked it to be.
Crossing his arm over his chest, he stared at her and waited to hear his sub beg him to touch her. Randall knew he wouldn’t have to wait long before the words fell from her pouty, soft lips. Words he wanted to hear. “Please, Jon, please touch me, Sir. Please, I need you,” she pleaded to him.
Hearing her beg him to touch her was so damn sweet and sexy, Randall couldn’t refuse her. Reaching forward, he clamped his hands on the front of her sweatpants and dragged them down her legs to the floor. The fact that she wore no underwear underneath her sweatpants ramped up his own arousal. Chloe stepped out of them without a command needed from him. Running his fingertips up the outside of her bare legs to her waist, her breathing increased under his light touch. Slipping his hands between her thighs he ran his fingertips in a light caress up and down her inner thighs. His fingers stayed clear of her weeping pussy, much to Chloe’s utter disappointment if her whimpering was anything to go by.
“Tell me, precious, do you deserve to come after making such a sassy comment to me in front of company?”
“I–I’m sorry, Sir. I never meant to…oh god…embarrass you.” Her voice wavered slightly from his teasing fingers hovering near her dripping cunt.
Pinching her nipple hard with his forefinger and thumb through the shirt she had on, he growled at her. “That wasn’t answering my question, little girl.” Releasing her tight little bud from his unyielding grip, Randall travelled his fingertips back down her inner thighs as he repeated his question to her. “Do you deserve to come, Chloe?”
“No, Sir, I don’t deserve to come, not after embarrassing you so poorly.”
“Good answer, little girl.” Sliding a hand back up her thigh, Randall slipped a fingertip through the damp folds of her pussy. Gripping her hip with the other hand, he tugged her closer to him and leaned in. “Since you apologized so sweetly, little girl, I will reward you with permission to come on my fingers. After you’ve come, you’re going to get on your knees and suck my cock until I feed you my cum. Nod your head so I know you
understand me.” Chloe eagerly nodded her head at him. Her whole body shook against his as it demanded for a release.
Spreading the damp folds of her pussy lips open with one hand, Randall slid two fingers from his other hand deep inside her tight, wet core. “Fuck, you’re so damn wet for me, Chloe.” He kissed her lips hard and plunged his tongue into her hot, moist cavern of a mouth. She moaned against him. When she lifted her fingers to lace them into his hair, he grabbed both of her wrists with one hand and held them down on the bench behind her. Pulling back slightly from his dominating kiss, he nibbled lightly on her bottom lip. “You’re so fucking ready for me, precious,” he murmured hungrily to her.
Her moist, hot core was begging to be filled by him. He needed his achingly hard cock in her hot little cunt, not his goddamn fingers. Shit, his woman was making him crazy with lust.
“Unzip me, little girl. Do it now,” Randall demanded to her.
Chloe reached for the zipper of his jeans with shaky fingers. After she unzipped his jeans and pushed them down to his thighs, Randall reached for her. Lifting her up onto the bench, he tilted her hips up and spread her thighs wide. He gripped the base of his cock and lined up the tip to her weeping entrance. Clasping his lips over hers to silence any moans from escaping, he drove his cock deep into her tight little cunt.

  • Do you see traits of yourself in your heroin?

I occasionally see myself in my heroins. The common thread usually centers around the way they dress-Lol. I don’t have a sharp eye for fashion. I find myself dressing my women as I do. Whenever me or my characters need to attend a formal event, which in real life isn’t often, thank goodness I always call my sister for guidance.
That’s too funny. It’s good to have a sounding board for some ideas!

  • Are you an in the moment type of person, or do you plan it out?

I’m the kind of person that needs a plan. I think that stems from spending twenty years in the teaching/ instructional field. I’d be lost without my lists or voice memo app on my I phone.
We would think after that long teaching it would! It is amazing how both of us also use our phone for a lot of our work as well!

  • Have you ever played out your sexual scenes in your bed?

Playing out sexual scenes in bed. Well, I must confess I’ve found myself writing them in my head while in bed with my extremely supportive husband. It’s a running joke in our household. When he’s in ‘the mood’ he’ll ask me- “Am I about to sleep with my wife, or will they’ll be others attending this event?” My husband Mike is a great guy. It’s his gifts of time and space that have enabled me to have eleven releases. He’s been ditched many times for my fictitious world and has always been understanding.
LOL… That is awesome! At least he has a sense of humor about your writing! It’s also great to keep the fire hot when you can!
Feel free to visit my website. As of January 2013 with every book that’s released you will be able to read the first chapter on my website. If you friend me on Facebook you will also be able to read my ‘Snippet of the Day.’ Every morning I post an excerpt from one of my books along with the link if I happen to draw you in. In closing I’d like to thank Shae Shannon and Beverly Price for inviting me on. It’s been a pleasure. I love to chat about about writing. Feel free to email me. I love to hear from readers. I’ll list my links below. Feel free to browse. I’ll also mention that I’m particiapting in The Romance Books 4US contest this month. Check out the home page for details and see how you can win a free ebook of your choice from me.
Thank you again, Shae and Beverly. I wish you both much success with your published works.
You are very welcome. Thanks again for coming over and having a drink with us!
*To read my Snippet of the Day search me- Justine Cerrigone Szot and send me a friend request.
JC Szot- Author


While looking over at our hot ladies over there getting drinks, we get the privilege to speak with Karen Mercury!
Mattie Richards is struggling to get her life in order, unable to get past her mother’s unexpected death. When Seth Stratera, an old acquaintance resurfaces, his presence changes everything. The two reconnect after a night of partying goes sour. After Seth shares the loss of his mother, the two find solace in each other. Both unsure of the path their lives should take, their attraction grows, igniting into a passion Mattie never expected.
In the past, Seth’s desire for Mattie often lingered, stifled by circumstances and social boundaries. With the reality of finally having her, Seth struggles with trying to find the right time to reveal his bisexuality. Hungering for a new direction, Seth takes Mattie on a trip to visit his childhood hometown. When Mattie is introduced to Bobby Cooper, she is catapulted into another world where intense love, trust, and loyalty are expressed in ways Mattie never imagined.

  • Tell us about your book-

The Grass is Greener was inspired by the character of Maura Isles on TV’s Rizzoli & Isles. Sasha Alexander is such a gorgeous woman. Prim and proper and very studious, of course, because she’s the Medical Examiner. Yet she does have a wild side when it comes to sex. I wondered what would happen if her partner, Jane, were killed in a bombing, and her last words were “Tony Danza.” This mystery occupies the entire book. I gave her two banging hot men to help her solve the crime, threw in some ridiculous Furries at a convention, some fire play, and it just flowed from there.
Sounds intriguing! Can’t wait to read this one! 

  • Are you an in the moment type of person, or do you plan it out?

I used to meticulously plot, because I wrote historicals that adhered to actual events, so I had to be exact, down to the minute. But now, writing contemporaries that have no basis in real events, I find myself being more of a pantser. With each book, I fly by the seat of my pants even more. Nowadays I just have a bullet list of “Things That Need to Happen.” It helps and it hinders. Events unfold more organically when you pants it, yet once in a blue moon you’re stuck with “What happens next?” Then I just look at the bullet list.
That is such a great tip for all authors, new or old!

  • Do your characters relate to your personality?

I’d say it’s the wishful side of my personality. I wish I was a Medical Examiner with two banging hot guys helping me solve a mystery.
Don’t we all… well at least the men part anyway!

  • Which gets you hotter, panty twisting vampires and shifters, or mouthwatering cowboys?

The cowboys, natch! In this McQueen Was My Valley series there are a bunch of conservation officers and commandos, all of whom carry pistols (and Tasers and bully sticks and handcuffs). We find a lot of uses for those items.
Oh my hot goodness!!! It is warm in here?

  • What is the hottest night you have ever experienced? Care to share a few tasty details?

My plane landed in Kinshasa, Congo, and there was an overnight layover. I caught a taxi into the swinging part of town, which meant “discos” with bowls of peanuts, hi-life music, and tons of sweaty young men. The taxi driver joined in the festivities. He was this seven foot tall football player–I have a photo of him with his arms around four normal people. I danced the night away with peanuts, beer, and sweaty young men. I guess women don’t go to discos in the Congo. Boy, was I hot that night. The Congolese men weren’t too bad either.
I bet it was… Wow, talk about a yummy way to spend the night in the Congo!!!
Karen Mercury
The blurb/excerpt should be in the buylink above. Can you “get it up?” Heh-heh, just a little erotic romance humor! Thanks so much Shae! Let me know if I’m missing anything. When and where will it be?
Karen Mercery blog shit

Now it’s time to have another drink with a little Hotty! Tara Rose come on over here…

  • Tell us about your book:

Claiming Their Racy Sub is the second book in the Racy Nights series, and picks up where Winning Her Racy Sub left off. The heroine, Alexa Monahan, is trying to overcome an abusive past, and heroes Chase Taylor and Luke Rodriguez are more than happy to assist. But then Alexa’s abusive ex-Dom shows up in Racy…
OH… We have to say it… It sounds Racy!!! Another great read!

  • Are you an in the moment type of person, or do you plan it out?

In my everyday life I plan everything out, but when I write I’m a total pantser. I don’t use outlines, and I’ve been known to let my characters go off on long tangents, just to see where it might lead us.
We’ll if they keep going off the way they have no one is going to stop you… your books are hot!

  • For the hot and naughty scenes, do you take from experience, or pure imagination and fantasy?

Most of it is purely my imagination, but I will admit there are some scenes drawn from real life.
See we knew you have a great imagination for a reason! Nothing wrong with getting help with “research”. LOL

  • Which attracts your personal attention more, the bad boy, dangerous, and dominating type, or the sweet, fun and loving type?

I’ve always been attracted to the bad boys, but unless they temper that with some fun and loving type personality, they don’t make for lasting relationships.
We get it; play with the bad boy, but stay with the sweet and loving type! Awesome advice!

  • What is the hottest night you have ever experienced? Care to share a few tasty details?

Let’s just say if you have trouble walking the next day and you can’t stop smiling, and you still have no idea where the other half of your favorite pair of earrings is, chances are you had a hot night.
A hot night indeed… I am sure most of have been there! You go girl!
Tara Rose
Tara Rose blog shit
BLURB: When submissive Alexa Monahan moves to Racy, Indiana, from Manhattan, she knows the abusive Dom she left behind might find her, but she can’t help falling in love with Doms Chase Taylor and Luke Rodriguez.
Luke Rodriguez was always the man whom women wanted as a friend, but never as a lover. He’s met his soul mate in Alexa, but can he help her overcome the abuse she suffered so she can love him in the way he craves?
Chase Taylor’s wife left him years ago and now he’s afraid to give his heart away, until he meets Alexa. She’s everything he’s ever wanted. But what is she hiding in her past, and can he protect her from it?
The three soon find themselves battling not only Alexa’s demons from her abuse as a teen, but a very real threat in the form of her ex-Dom who has somehow found her…
She imagined kissing each man. Both had great mouths, and she already knew they both knew how to use them. She’d had more than one hot and heavy kiss-and-feel session with each man. Alexa conjured up those memories now, letting her imagination do the rest of the work. It wasn’t a stretch to imagine how they’d look, hard and muscled, with dicks ready to fill her holes and make her scream with pleasure.
Luke began to massage her shoulders, and Alexa sighed as she imagined his strong hands moving lower to knead her breasts. Chase’s hand moved gently up and down one thigh, and Alexa had to bite back a moan as she pictured it cupping her wet pussy. When she covered it with her own and moved it higher, she heard his sharp intake of breath.
Luke inched one hand lower, and Alexa took that one with her free hand and moved it to her left breast. “Jesus,” whispered Luke.
“Shit. We’re still twenty minutes away from Racy.” Chase’s voice was raspy.
Alexa smiled. “Deal with it, Chase.”
She didn’t quite move his hand up to her pussy, but she did spread her legs a bit and let him think she was going to. Luke kept his hand on her breast in a way that made her feel as if he owned her, and it was so sexy that Alexa was squirming in her seat by the time Chase finally pulled into the garage of his condo.
As soon as she was inside, Chase cupped her face in both hands. “Alexa”—his voice was soft and tender—“we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You know that, right?”
“That’s right,” said Luke, his gaze fixed on her breasts. “If all you want to do is watch TV, that’s what we’ll do.”
She sighed. “You two are pretty damn special, you know that?”
“We know it,” said Luke, grinning.
Chase actually rolled his eyes. Then he kissed Alexa and she forgot all about Brad, New York, and the beer that was still rolling around in her stomach. His kiss was rough and deep, but Alexa wanted that right now. She clung to him and kissed him back, parting her lips to let his tongue inside.
Luke’s strong hands massaged her ass cheeks, and when he gave each one a soft smack, Alexa jumped. It wasn’t that she didn’t like to be spanked, but she hadn’t expected it coming from Luke. Before either man could comment on her reaction, she deepened her kiss with Chase. Desire ran through her body, hot and fast. When Chase finally released her mouth, Luke turned her around and kissed her neck, sending shock waves down Alexa’s spine and straight to her soaking wet pussy.
Chase pulled off his shirt and tossed it on a chair as he walked toward the stairs. Luke and Alexa followed. Halfway up the staircase, Luke took off his shirt and tossed it on the floor. Alexa giggled at the sight of both shirts then pulled off her sweater. She laughed out loud at the look of raw desire on both their faces.
“Well, fuck it all,” said Chase, taking off his shoes and socks.
Alexa had taken a quick look around the condo before Chase had kissed her, and she’d had just enough time to be impressed with his taste in decorating, and to realize he was a neat freak compared to her and Luke. She’d been in Luke’s apartment only once, but that had been long enough to find out he was more like her in terms of housekeeping. Wherever something landed, that’s where it lived that day.
“This is killing you, isn’t it?” she asked Chase as Luke removed his shoes, socks, and jeans, and threw them on top of his shirt.
“Oh shut up.” His voice was full of humor, and his eyes danced with light.
When both men stood naked in front of her, Alexa gasped at the sight of their muscled bodies and thick red dicks. Both were already slick with pre-cum. She actually became lightheaded staring at them, imagining them in her mouth, her pussy, and her ass.
“Your turn, beautiful.” Luke’s gaze was intent and full of raw lust. His voice was soft and teasing. Alexa sighed and unhooked her bra, letting it fall at her feet.
“Fuck,” muttered Chase.
“God in heaven,” whispered Luke.
Alexa felt heat creep up her neck and face. Brad had never looked at her curvy body with reverence. She’d believed she would feel self-conscious of her less-than-perfect muscles, especially when compared to Luke and Chase’s bodies, but the admiration and desire in their eyes told her she had nothing to fear. They liked what they saw. She held their gazes, looking from one man to the other, as she slid down her jeans and stepped out of her boots. The panties she wore were soaked anyway, so she slipped them off and stood with her hands behind her back and her eyes downcast, like a good sub would.
Dulce María madre de Dios,” whispered Luke. She lifted her gaze to his groin and watched his cock twitch.
“Alexa…” Chase cleared his throat. “You’re fucking gorgeous.”
“Thank you. So are you. Both of you.” Before she lost her nerve, she dropped to her knees in front of Luke and took his dick in one hand. She moaned at the way it jumped and at the fullness of it. Chase moved down one step so she could reach his cock as well, and Alexa took him in the other hand.

Hot Damn, we got another hot one right now. Come sit and be naughty with us Lara Valentine

  • Tell us about your book

My latest book is from the Martinis and Chocolate Book Club series – His Submissive Jewel. This is Noelle’s story and I just love her. She’s so spirited and fiery, but has a loving heart. She leaves her home in Florida to spend some time in Montana with her sister and help plan her wedding. Her sister is marrying into a family of Doms who also own a large, sprawling ranch. Noelle is saved from a washed out road by a sexy hunk and they end up spending the night together in a remote cabin. Sparks fly and they are attracted to each other immediately. I won’t give much more away, but I will say that her rescuer is part of the family of Doms and things heat up pretty quickly. This is without a doubt, the hottest book I’ve written to date.
Its sounds mouthwatering and juicy… Can’t wait to read it!

  • Are you an in the moment type of person, or do you plan it out?

I’m a planner and a control freak. I would love to be one of those fun, spontaneous people, but it’s just not in me. I have lists. I have schedules. I have lists of schedules I need to create. I have spreadsheets. I’ll never be a fly by the seat of my pants type of person, but I am trying to fit some unstructured, unplanned activities into my life every now and then.
A very big planner… wonder if we are naughty and played with your sheets if you would spank us? hehehe

  • Do you see traits of yourself in your heroine?

Hmmmm…all my characters have some traits in common with me. Noelle is sarcastic and a little snarky, and so am I. I would say physically, she and I have hair and eye color in common, too.
See everyone likes a spirited woman! We know we do… 

  • If you could have one night of your dream fantasy, what would it be and with who?

Well, I’m not sayin’ who I might fantasize about other than my handsome hubby… but if I were to fantasize about someone else…
He would be in a suit. I love a man in a suit and tie. It’s very hot. I would be dressed in something sexy, maybe a little black dress. I’ve fixed a special dinner for him, lit candles, chilled champagne. It’s been too long since we’ve been together. He comes home tired and angry. He’s had a terrible day at work and saw the credit card bill to top it all off. I’ve spent a small fortune on a bedroom set he specifically told me not to buy. He comes in and I’m all smiles, pressing myself against him, tugging on his tie. He pulls back and I see he has “the look”. I know that look. It means I’m going to be punished. Heat floods my body at the thought of being disciplined at his hands. I love it and he knows it. He pulls the credit card statement from his pocket and hands it to me. My hands tremble as I realize I’ve been found out. He unbuckles his belt, slipping it from it loops, and folds it in half.
“Who’s been naughty, sweet?”
I lick my lips, my body humming with arousal. “I have, Sir.”
“Take off the dress, sweet, and kneel at my feet.”
Oops, I’ll think I’ll stop there! But, I think you get the picture? I fantasize about the things I write, and I write about the things I fantasize.
Hot Damn girl… You had us going! I swear it gets hotter and hotter in here! And then you stopped.. You are just as naughty aren’t you?

  • What is the hottest night you have ever experienced? Care to share a few tasty details?

I don’t know if I could choose just one hot night. I will say the most romantic night of my life was actually a very simple evening walking with a special person on the beach, watching the sun go down. It was the prelude to a very hot night and it has a special place in my memory.
Sometimes the sweet romantic ones are the best!!! Thanks for sharing!
Lara Valentine
Buy links:
laura valentine blog pic shit
Noelle Carter is in Montana to help with her sister’s wedding. She didn’t plan on needing to be rescued from a dangerous storm, nor did she plan on falling for the sexiest man she’s ever met. When she finds out he’s the head of a family of Dominants, she knows she should move slowly, but her feelings are too great. She plunges into a relationship with him, reveling in the passion he can arouse with just a simple touch.
Cam Hunter knows he’s a strict Dom. He never thought he’d find the perfect woman and submissive, but Noelle has stolen his heart. She’s turned him inside out and upside down. One minute he wants to kiss her senseless and the next he wants to spank her bottom bright red.
When Noelle is hurt, he knows it’s no accident. Someone is targeting her, and if Cam wants a lifetime with his woman, he’ll need to find the person responsible.

Look who is sitting with us now, its Lexi DeHalo-

  • For hot and naughty scenes, do you take from experience, or pure imagination and fantasy?

I would say it’s a little bit of both. Experience can go a long way, in the fact that it can be really hard to write a scene to which you’ve never experienced or witnessed, especially when it comes to writing how a character would feel in a given situation. I like to pull from my resources, be it a personal experience, or something a close friend has shared with me. But of course, there is always an element of fantasy involved as well. A good imagination, can make for some very creative scenes, couple that with some research and an author can get pretty creative for those naughty moments!
We agree, you need to know what you are writing about, even the hot an juicy parts. But we have to admit it is fun to think “outside the box!”

  • Chocolate or Sex? Wine or Liquor?

Sex. No contest there ha ha. I love the feeling of being lost in passion with the person you love. It can be soul reaching experience or something quick and dirty, either way I can honestly say it’s never been bad for me!
Wine or liquor? It depends. If I’m in a particularly romantic mood, nothing beats a good Moscato. If I’m looking to have a good time and let loose, then liquor is my preferred drink. Nothing straight, though. I love me some good mixed drinks. Currently a Midori Sour is my drink of choice.
Sex really, I think that is a shock.. NOT! Sex can get you in a happier place quicker and longer, plus it’s a team sport, more people can play!
Totally agree with you on the Liquor, sometime you need a little more!

  • What attracts your personal attention more, the bad boy, dangerous, and dominating type, or the sweet, fun and loving type?

Okay, I have to be a little cliché here, I fall for bad boys, but only because I tend to scare off the sweet ones! My personality can be very abrasive. I am a woman who knows what she likes and is not afraid to speak her mind, which is a little intimidating to some sweet, loving types. That is not to say I don’t like the sweet ones, it’s just they usually don’t know how to handle me. I definitely need a bad boy who’s not afraid to take on a challenge.
Someone with a firm hand huh. Sometimes speaking up is worth the spanking!

  • If you could take one person into your bed, who would it be?

If this question had been asked a month ago, I probably wouldn’t have had an answer. However, recently I have been watching Supernatural and introduced to Jensen Ackles. My life hasn’t been the same since LOL. I love his cocky, humorous, bad boy attitude. He definitely fits the bill of my “ideal” guy!
OMG, he is yummy! We do love some juicy Jensen Ackles here! Any women would love to take a tumble in the sheets with that man!
Lexi DeHalo
Buy Links:

Bookstrand Author Page:



Lexi DeHalo blog pic shit

A Glimpse at the World of Mating Moon:

Mating Moonis the first in the Be-WERE series and has a little bit of history that creates the setting for the book:
A couple hundred years ago, a war between humans and the paranormal community (shifters, vampires, fae, and other assortment of non-humans) broke out as each species fought to be the superior race. Most human civilizations at the time didn’t stand a chance compared to the power and strengths of the paranormals, so the world leaders gathered in a last effort to uphold the human way of life and created a genetically altered race of humans that could fight against the paranormals. This race became known as the Hunters. Years later, most humans have sectioned themselves off from the rest of the paranormal communities, and the rest that brave living amongst them are protected by the Hunter race, sanctioned to track and kill anyone that threatens the human way of life.
Mating Moonpicks up many years after the Race Wars and follows the story of Night Stragorri and Akira Landers. Night is a Hunter, heir to the ruling Hunter family of the City of Lupunar. He is exhausted with the Hunter way of life but has no other options. Once a Hunter, always a Hunter. To go against his family would be a death sentence. Fed up with his father’s tyrannical rule, Night decides to leave the safety of his family’s estate and carry out his duties as a Hunter on his own. The more he lives away from the Hunter race, the more Night realizes that the Hunter Code, to protect the innocent, is no longer upheld. Instead, most Hunters have become a corrupt ruling body that kills any paranormal who dares to the cross their path, innocent or not.
Akira Landers is panther shifter with a past. After his brother was killed by a Hunter, Akira joined the ranks of the East Side Pack. It is at their night club, Eclipse that he meets Night for the first time. Instantly drawn to the Hunter, they embark on a whirlwind romance. Along the way, they will be confronted with the reality of the world they live in and that true love isn’t easily won. In the end, can Night, a Hunter-born, free himself from his duty in order to be with the man he loves? And can Akira overcome the horrors in his past before it’s too late?

Ready for a refill? Good, because here is talented Diane Leyne with us!

  • Tell us about your book

It’s actually a series, Shae and Beverly. It’s about the owners and staff at the (fictional) Seattle Club Libertine.
In the first book, released last week, you read Mac and Sean’s story. They loved Michelle back when they were all in university, but she ran from them after a ménage. Now they have a chance to get her back into their lives, but will their need for revenge trump their desire for a second chance with the only woman they’ve ever loved?
Book 2, The Librarian and the Dom goes on pre-sale on Monday. It’s about Jake, the club’s “Master of Pain”, who is in a lot of pain himself. He’s a widower who helps other Doms with their subs, but he’d like nothing better than one of his own. When he meets sweet librarian Lindy, opposites definitely attract, but are they too opposite?
There are a total of 7 books so far and they’ll be coming out every two weeks after book 2 is officially released on the 11th;.
Wow, you were a busy girl! The series sounds wonderful and we look forward to reading them all!

  • Are you an in the moment type of person, or do you plan it out?

I tend to be unpredictable. I can plan everything to the nth degree and then, on impulse, throw the whole plan out. That’s why I don’t tend to plot out my whole book at once. I like to have an idea of who the characters are and what the issue is that’s preventing them from being happy. Sometimes it’s something simple like they’ve just met and it wouldn’t be realistic to give them a “Happily Every After” after just three days without showing some major “aha” moment for them. Other times, one of the leads has an emotional or personal issue that keeps them apart that I need to understand up front. but I like to let the details come organically and I only plan a few chapters at a time.
Wow, you are a switch hitter… hahaha, Must be the wine getting us silly! Well whatever you are doing its working!

  • Would you fall in love with your hero/heroes?

Absolutely. I have to at least have a crush on all of my heroes or I can’t write them properly. I like writing about men who genuinely love women. And I love it when the hero, not just the heroine, has doubts or emotional challenges to overcome. One of my heroes in book 5, The Dom, the Switch and the Sub, is a vet who has issues with relying on others.
In a way you would almost have too. If the author doesn’t fall for the hero, how is the audience supposed to? 

  • Which gets you hotter, panty twisting vampires and shifters, or mouthwatering cowboys?

I have to go with shifters because I’ve just started a series about wolf-dog shifters in a town called Harmony. Book 1, Claimed by Wolves, is my longest, hottest yet, as the heroine is shocked to find that she’s the destined mate for a family of five shape-shifting brothers. Of course, the men get some shocks too as they realized that she’s got some secrets too.
Looks like the room is almost split with who they prefer! We do love the growly types here!

  • What is your favorite sexual position?

The one I’m in at any given time, LOL.
HA! great answer!
Diane Leyne
You can reach me at
You can find all of my books at
Diane Leyne Cover pic for blog shit
At twenty-one, Michelle Edwards loved her boyfriend Mac Whelan and his best friend Sean O’Mally. The three of them lived happily together until one night, Mac invited Sean to join them in a ménage. Michelle enjoyed it, but because of her upbringing, her feelings scared her and she ran away from the men she loved.
Ten years later, to pay a debt and save her grandparents’ home, Michelle reluctantly agrees to be their sub for a month. The sex is hot, but the men hold her at a distance, especially Mac. And something else has changed. The men are now Doms at the city’s notorious Club Libertine and expect her complete submission.
She realizes quickly that she still loves them, but do they just want revenge because she left them, or is there a chance for all three of them to be happy again?

It was like the years fell away. Her stomach gave a flip. She was in the same room with the only two men she had ever loved. They probably still hated her for walking out the way she did, but she had been young and scared. Ten years was a long time. Could they still be interested? But if they weren’t, why get her out here? Maybe…
Mac sat behind the desk and opened the file and waited.
She recognized the tactic. Always get the other guy to speak first. She sat back and waited. And practiced deep breathing exercises. As she half expected, both men’s eyes were drawn to her torso. Damn, she should have worn one of her sexy bras that emphasized her assets, rather than the minimizing one, but then her silk tank and suit jacket wouldn’t fit right.
She waited.
Mac glared at her. Sean smiled. It seemed their personalities hadn’t changed.
Mac flipped through the papers in the file. He schooled his expression to neutrality, but Michelle thought she could see a hint of pain. Did he miss her? What that why he’d had her come here? Did he want to try again? But why wait ten years? And why did he lend her sister so much money?
He skipped the preliminaries and got straight to the point. “Your sister borrowed money from me, Michelle. She signed two promissory notes over the last year. The first one is due today. The other is due in thirty days. Collateral was a farm in the names of Jacob and Martha Edwards.” His tone was cool, almost cold as if he were talking to an acquaintance about the weather and not to a woman he used to love about a debt that could bankrupt her.
“Yes, they are my grandparents. Why did you lend Serena the money? She’s barely out of school. You knew she probably couldn’t repay it. Besides, since when does the Whelan company handle loans? Expanding?” She realized she was babbling, but she was nervous seeing the only two men she had ever loved again. She was looking for a sign about their feelings for her. Did they hate her for running out like a coward all those years ago? Had they forgiven her?
“The loan was personal, not through the company. It seems your grandparents got behind on their bank loan for the farm. And then the local bank was bought out by a bigger one, which eventually went bust. The loan was bought up by a lender whose sole purpose was to liquidate everything. They couldn’t pay, so Serena came to the only person she knew with that kind of money. Me.”
“Why did my grandparents need a loan? And why didn’t they come to me? And how did she even know you?”
Sean spoke. “She was your younger sister. We kept an eye on her. Gave her a summer job with Whelan.” Her eyes widened. “No. Relax.” His tone was bitter. “No, we didn’t fuck your sister.”
“There’s only one Edwards sister we’ve had our cocks in,” Mac added crudely causing her to blush.
Well, she had her answer. They were mad. Now she was really nervous bordering on scared. Why had they brought her here? If they wanted simple revenge, they just needed to foreclose on the farm. It would kill her grandparents and destroy her. But if it was only revenge they wanted, why wait ten years? Surely they would have done something years ago, if that was what they wanted.
“The loan initially was to pay for your law school and Serena’s university. Serena had come home for Thanksgiving, but you were still at school struggling with a punishing course load, and unable to visit. She read the threatening letters from the bank, and she badgered the grandparents into explaining. They begged her not to tell you. They knew how hard you were working and how close to graduation you were.”
“They should have told me. I’d have found another way to pay or transferred to a cheaper school.” The tears spilled down her face. “Why didn’t they tell me?”
Sean handed her a tissue.
“They planned to, once you graduated. They knew once you were working, you would help with the payments, but with the bank failure, they ran out of time. So Serena came to me. I paid off the loan, and now the farm is mine if I don’t get my money. We structured the debt into two promissory notes. The first one comes due today in the amount of $25,000. The remainder is due in thirty days.”
“How much in total?”
“Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.”


They both surged forward, propelling her back on the bed. The sheet was tossed away, and she lay there naked, between two very aroused men. Mac leaned over and kissed her hard, his tongue invading. Then he pulled back and let Sean kiss her. Sean’s kiss was softer, at first. But eventually he pulled back, too.
She hadn’t even noticed Mac leave the bed, but he must have. He had two neckties in his hands. He handed one to Sean. Together they tied her hands to the bedpost. They made sure she was comfortable, propping her head up on a couple of pillows, but she was also immobile, her body vulnerable to their every desire. She protested, but Mac shushed her and ran his hand down her body to her pussy. It was bare the way he liked it. He pushed her legs apart and dipped a finger into her.
She was dripping wet. He put his finger to his mouth.
“Mmm. She’s wet and aroused. Take a taste, Sean.”
Sean slid a finger through her folds and then lifted it to his mouth. “Like honey.”
Mac leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth, suckling hard. Sean did the same, latching on like a hungry newborn. She arched up in pleasure and from being so turned on by the sheer decadence of having two men caressing her skin and sucking her nipples.
Their hands moved up and down her body, lightly touching, caressing, and finally moving between her legs. Together, they dipped their fingers in her pussy, moving them in and out, alternating, stretching her, preparing her. And then Mac added a second finger while Sean lightly touched her clit with his thumb. She moaned and more cream poured out of her. Her hips moved, trying to get them to give her more, trying to rub her clit harder on Sean’s thumb, trying to push herself over the top, but they just laughed at her and continued to tease her.
“How does it feel, darling, to have two men finger fuck you at the same time.” Mac’s dirty talk thrilled her. “You’re hot, aren’t you. You want a cock inside you. You need a cock inside you.”
“Yes, yes, One of you please fuck me,” she begged, desperate to come.
“Soon, baby. Soon you’ll have two cocks inside you, but first, I think Sean should get a chance to eat that hot pussy of yours. And while he does, maybe I’ll clamp your nipples. Sean, wait until you see how hot her tits look with clamps.”
Sean didn’t have to be asked twice. He slid down between her legs and pulled them apart and put them over his shoulders, holding her wide open to his gaze. He licked her from asshole to pussy, stopping just short of her clit. He licked up her labia beside her clit on one side and down the other without actually touching the swollen organ. She struggled against her bonds and his grip on her thighs, trying to force her clit into his mouth. He chuckled, and the feel of his warm breath on her clit sent her arousal soaring, and she started to feel little tremors flowing through her as she desperately rolled her hips.
Taking pity on her, he pushed a big finger in her. She immediately began pumping her hips, fucking herself on his finger, but it wasn’t enough. He stilled her hips and pushed another finger in and licked her clit. Her back arched and her pussy spasmed as her orgasm slammed through her. But Sean didn’t stop. He added second finger, pumping in and out, harder, faster, and he sucked on her clit. She felt another climax rise, but before she could go over the edge, he pulled away and slid up her body, leaving her pussy clenching on air, her head twisting in frustration.
Mac kissed her hard on the lips. “Soon, baby.”
Then he sucked hard on her nipple before grasping in it his teeth, elongating it. She moaned. He slid the nipple clamp on it, fastening it just tight enough that she moaned again from the sharp jolt of pain. He licked her reddening nub as the pain morphed into something different that had her whimpering. He repeated the process on the other nipple, and now she was desperate for release again. The nipple clamps seemed to send a jolt of desire right to her pussy, and she squirmed restlessly against the bonds.
Mac and Sean released her, massaging her arms. She tried to break free and rub her own clit since they didn’t seem inclined to provide her with relief. Mac laughed and turned her onto her hands and knees, positioning himself behind her and whispering in her ear.
“Suck Sean’s cock, baby, while I fuck you from behind. You get to come after you make him come.”

Blog shit for Diane Leyne
Series Info:
Book 1 – Changing the Rules (MFM)- on sale now. NOW
Book 2 – The Librarian and the Dom (MF) – on sale April 11th, on presale April 1st
Book 3 – No Accounting for Love (MF) – on sale April 25th
Book 4 – Cin’s Secret (MFM) – On sale May 9th
Book 5 – The Dom, the Switch and the Sub (MMF) -on sale May 23rd
Book 6 – The Dominant’s Guide to Owning and Training a Sex Slave (MF) – on sale June 11th
Book 7 – Submission for Skeptics (MMF) – on sale date tbd


Woohoo happy times, we get to sit with Taylor Berke now!

  • Tell us about your book

My freshman novel and first in my Stony Creek series is Stony Creek Cowboy. I have a personal affinity for huge, hunky cowboys that sweep the heroine off of her feet, heels or cowboy boots! Stony Creek is filled with family love, hysterical busybody women who make up Stony Creek Ladies Guild and so many gorgeous cowboys in desperate need of hot sex that it makes your head turn. Funny how in each book a new heroine manages to tame or wrangle an endearing alpha male of her own. All my work is about alpha men who adore their women. It is the women though, who make the story by being smart and sassy. Since Stony Creek is a series, each book has its own flavor and tone.
Stony Creek Cowboy is an MF erotic romance filled with decadent intimacies and good old fashion sweet loving. The hero, Jackson Powell is everything a Wyoming cowboy should be, strong, gorgeous and stubborn. The heroine, Dr. Billie Rothman, knows what she wants and goes after every dream that has been withheld from her in life. Once these two set their eyes on each other it becomes amusing to everyone as they try unsuccessfully to keep their hands and hearts from each other.
Stony Creek Hero, book 2 in the series is due out at the end of April 2013 and is peppered with soft BDSM scenes. Its hero, Ben is strong, domineering and not sure that he has it within himself to be in a real relationship. However, it appears to a losing war within himself to stay away from the lady who tempts him at every turn, Lizzie Carmichael.
Sign us up for the land of hotness!!! Can’t wait to get lost in luscious cowboys!

  • Do your characters relate to your personality?

Billie Rothman and I have a very deep and overlapping relationship in that many of our faults and talents overlap quite extensively! I find as I am now writing the third book in the series that all the heroines have a bit of me in them as well.
Well they should, you’re awesome!

  • If you could have one night of your dream fantasy, what would it be and with who?

Well, I cannot lie even to make it more interesting. It has to be my husband, Mr. Berke. We are very connected on so many levels and are always working to touch the other in a way that we haven’t before. He really still gives me the ‘utz’ in my stomach when I see him and makes my toes curl lol!
AWWW that is so sweet! Love it!

  • Have you ever played out your sexual scenes in your bed?

Yes, pretty much all of them lol! I describe what images I am trying to invoke and then let him have at it. For a man who doesn’t appear very creative on the outside, he has the best instincts coming from some naughty place deep within.
WOOHOO role play rocks! See ladies, more research!

  • Chocolate or sex? Wine or liquor?

Definitely sex, without alcohol. I need to focus when I can’t see or move, hehe. If you don’t follow instructions, well, you could get into trouble.
This is very true! You can’t possibly play with too many toys if you are too tipsy to hold them! But Taylor being in trouble is so much fun!
Please feel free to friend me on Facebook or go to my website for character lists for the Stony Creek series. It is a very popular reference for the books at
Thank you for this fun and wonderful opportunity and enjoy this fabulous blogsite!
Taylor Berke
taylor berke pic
Jackson had just pulled up to the curb by Barry’s Feed store. His father had sent him into town on an “emergency” run for his mother. Apparently, she suddenly had to have an extra bag of high-protein grain for her flock of chickens that couldn’t wait until her husband Bill had a moment off. Coincidentally, it just happened to be right across the street from their sexy new neighbor’s office. He wondered if his mother was up to no good.
Sam and Phillip had done a really good job with the old building. An example of post-modern architecture, it had nice stonework decorating the front and roofline. Just as he was admiring the built-in flower boxes in front, he noticed an unwelcome visitor go through the front door. Jackson had never like Len Drexel. He treated his horses and women the same way, badly. Without thought, Jackson jumped out of his big black dually and walked across the street to follow Len in. He stood in the doorway listening with unabashed interest, quickly moving to controlled anger that Len was showing interest in his woman. His woman? Where did that shit come from? Why the heck was that thought becoming more and more appealing to him? He must need to get himself some. However, he decided to figure it out later and deal with the situation at hand, because one look at Billie told him that she was upset. He was going to kill someone. That someone had been Len. Instead, he had invited her out to lunch.
“I must say that I have never been so happy to be ignored in my entire life,” Julia said with a smile. “Jackson, you are a naughty boy. Come over here and give me a kiss.” Jackson dutifully walked across the room and graced her cheek with a peck.
“I will be right back. Just need to use the restroom and we can take Jackson up on his lovely offer of lunch, okay?”
“Yes, ma’am,” replied the man smiling openly at Billie.
As soon as Julia left, Billie leaned back against the beautifully painted wall that Phillip and Sam had made, taking in the very tall and masculine man in front of her. He practically emanated sexual energy and power. How could she go from fear to lust in ten seconds? Looking at the handsome man before her, well, it obviously was possible. Her mouth suddenly feeling dry, she struggled for something to say.
“It seems that you are going to be forever saving me from situations. I haven’t felt this well protected in, well, forever. A girl could get used to this, Jackson.” She practically glowed at him.
“Just call me your masterful hero and we can call it a day!” he said suggestively.
“Funny, cowboy. No, really, thank you. I didn’t care for him. He made me so nervous. I am not exactly a wimpy girl, but there was something in the way he looked at me that didn’t feel so great.”
Jackson looked at her sideways and decided to play a bit. “I hope you don’t feel that way when I look at you,” he said with a laugh.
“Heavens no! Not even speaking the same language, I feel so different.”
Jackson turned his suddenly heated stare to capture her eyes. He walked over to her, and in a husky voice, he asked, “How do I make you feel, then, if not afraid, Billie?”
He leaned toward her and ran a finger along the side of her neck. The gentle rubbing of his roughened skin sent an entirely different sort of shivers down her body. His gorgeous green eyes felt like they were caressing her soul, practically melting her to the floor where she stood.
Billie tried to concentrate on answering him, but it proved difficult. How could this man affect as no other man ever did? He had such a sense of confidence and control about him. She couldn’t even play coy.
She answered him obediently. “Excited, very excited,” she whispered back.
Jackson’s right eyebrow just lifted slightly as he let his gaze roam over her body, as though erasing the previous man’s possession and marking her with his own. This gaze was one that she didn’t mind, actually felt she was starting to crave. He made her feel safe with this look of blatant ownership. It wasn’t a feeling she was used to, but definitely getting to really like.
“Really. Now that’s very interesting, baby.” Baby? He called her baby? She had to confess to herself that she liked the sound of that. Getting personal must be a good thing. All thoughts of setting up the office, Julia, Len, and lunch simply faded away while she soaked up his endearment. How long had she just wanted a man to be affectionate like that? Just to want her, quirks and all. Forever, if she was to be truthful. She was under no misconception that Jackson was falling for her but she closed her eyes to indulge in the temporary fantasy of it all.

“Jackson? Where are you? I know it is going to ruin your image of me being a tough city girl and all, but I am actually afraid of the dark.”
She let out a squeal as strong muscular arms gently wrapped around her from behind. She certainly hadn’t been freezing yet but was definitely getting cold. Now all she could do was sigh with the double pleasure that his arms afforded her. They were providing both warmth and stoking the fires of her simmering arousal. In this position she could feel his entire body dwarf her with his great height as he was plastered against her back. She leaned her head back to rest against his chest, trusting him enough to again close her eyes. She felt like he was burning into her and she didn’t mind the flames one bit. His hands shifted and began a gentle inspection of her waist and hips. His hot fingers applied massaging pressure as she suspected he was inspecting her body. She moaned her approval while allowing her hands to slightly reach back of their own accord and rest on his rock-hard thighs. She felt her feminine parts flood with moisture as his hands lightly but confidently started to run down the front of hers as well. As his gentle exploration continued, she heard the change in his breathing. Hot rushes of air caressed her throat. He was leaning down, allowing his fingers to massage the lean muscle of her thighs while he ran his lips over the shell of her ear. She allowed herself to mimic his movements by running her hands over the raw power of his legs. It was all muscle and hardness beneath her questing fingertips, so much so she felt faint. She didn’t have any experience with men built like Jackson was. Matthew has been her study partner, not this specimen of raw masculinity.
At the feel of his lips touching the pulse behind her left ear, she began to quiver. More moisture pooled at her core as she was sure her legs would give way. Her mouth was slightly parted as she began to pant while Jackson eased his hands upward over the silky shirt. He paused his hand’s exploration for a moment to lave the base of her neck and bite.
“Jackson, what you do to me,” she said wondrously as she continued to try to control her gasps of pleasure as he found her sensitive spots.
“Does it feel good to you, baby? Do you want me to continue? You don’t have to answer, just nod your head yes.”
Billie felt her head bob with permission as though it had a mind of its own. Her hands continued to rub his muscled thighs, gripping at the jean material every time he nipped and touched. Just then his hands began their quest anew. They slid up and down the sides of her waist reverently as if they had never touched silk over curves before. Suddenly her position was shifted slightly to the side as his left hand grasped her chin. His thumb caressed briefly over her full bottom lip before his own took possession of hers. This kiss was different than the one before. His tongue immediately thrust into her warmth as his hips started to mimic the rolling movements of their hips. She could feel his hard cock pressing and sliding against the space between her cheeks, fueling the fire in her body. She was actually momentarily distracted by the thought that she might have a moistened spot on her skirt from the cream running from her. As he feasted on her mouth, she could feel his hand firmly start to stroke the underside of her breast. Arousal as she had never encountered roared through her body. For his part, Jackson felt like he was being gifted for his good deeds in this life. She felt like an angel. A sex angel sent here to tempt him into never leaving the world of sin if it meant she was in it. His cock was painfully erect in its position, rubbing the back of her succulently firm ass.
He continued to plunder her lips, twining his tongue with hers, over and over again. However, it was the feel of her body under his searching hands that put his blood to near boiling. Roughly now, he cupped her breast while moving his mouth to nip at her neck. She is perfection, he thought while stroking the lush globe in the palm of his hand, plucking at her nipple. He tried to be gentle but finally having her at his mercy to tease and explore left him unable to do more than knead her mercilessly while groaning his arousal. He had backed them up against the door to the nearest stall just as his hand delved under the opening in her blouse. He felt the lace of her bra as he momentarily gentled his touch to lightly stroke her nipples with his fingertips. She was perfection. He could hear her ragged breaths and scent her arousal in the air. He had to have her. Now. His hand plunged beneath the scrap of material covering her breast and felt the shock of burning pleasure from his groin to his legs. He was sure his boxer briefs were wet with his pre-cum, and he threaded his fingers in her hair while pulling her head back to expose the other side of her neck.
Billie felt his teeth against the base of the other side of her neck but couldn’t protest as the air rushed from her lungs. Please, dear lord, let him fuck me now. She felt his hand that was roughly squeezing her breast as it alternated not only from side to side but from softness to rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefingers. She felt him move his other hand to the edge of her skirt. She felt him suddenly freeze, just as the hem of her skirt was slid upward so she could feel the cool air hit her wet slit. Voices outside indicated the approach of more than one man.
He felt her stiffen in probable fear and quickly tucked her into his arms while lifting her up. As though she weighed not a feather, he silently walked down past the last stall of horses and into the tack room. He fumbled for the doorknob that led to the outside and privacy the darkness afforded. He could see the tears form in her eyes as the moonlight emphasized her probable embarrassment at being caught.
“It’s okay, baby,” he whispered while gently kissing her forehead. “I have got you and won’t let anything hurt you. Just trust me, Billie.”

We want to thank all of the wonderful talent that has graced us with their presence. It has been so much fun! I think we need more girl nights like this! Good luck on all of your new releases ladies. There is no doubt that they will all be a huge success. Please stop back by and hang out again soon! We might have the wet bar stocked better and offer more than just wine…. 😉
To all of our readers, please check out all of the great books that were featured tonight. I guarantee they won’t leave you dissappointed!!

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Hello! Shae Shannon and Beverly Price are both bright, new writers for Siren Publishing. They specialize in erotic romance. From westerns with hot cowboys to paranormal with sexy shifters, vampires, and witches, they write it all. Check out their new releases on!

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